"Eating Kiwi's Cures Hiccups!"
Trash! Not really. This message bought to you by the Kiwi Growers of New Zealand.

"Ford Coming Out with New Hybrid Police Car!"
Truth! The Police Interceptor Utility is based on the 2020 Ford Explorer and 2020 Lincoln Aviator except that the police version will be all-wheel drive with 10-speed automatic transmission! Tests prove it had the fastest 0-100 miles per hour acceleration time, the fastest lap around the test track, and the highest top speed and beat out competitors' V-8 offerings.

"Pete Davidson To Open His Own Coffee Shop!"
Trash! Why would a guy like that open a coffee shop and people constantly ordering Grandes?

"Restaurant in Italy Now Serving Fried Air!"
Truth! Yep - and it'll cost you $30 bucks! Nicola Dinato, the head chef at Feva Restaurant said the crispy treats are actually made of tapioca skin that's first baked and then deep fried. However, there's some air involved in the cooking process as well.

"Former President Obama Hits the R&B Charts!"
Truth! Our former commander and chief gets a credit on "One Last Time (44 Remix)," a gospel-inspired remix of a song from Hamilton, which debuted at the No. 22 spot on Billboard's Hot R&B Songs chart.

"Man Jailed For Banana Assault!"
Truth! In Des Moines, Iowa, 26-year-old Rogelio Tapia was jailed after police said he assaulted a convenience store clerk with a banana. Why dude? Just why?

"President Trump to Build Wall Out of Legos!"
Trash! But I'm imagining all those Legos on the ground for people to step on.

"Major League Baseball to Allow Tackling!"
Trash! Well, only when Morganna runs out onto the field. (OK, I'm dating myself. Look it up!)


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