It's Weddings Month

Here's a bunch of strange combinations of last names that appeared in newspapers and online. Some of these wouldn't be believable, except for the fact that they were actually published with pictures of the happy couples. This is how they appeared.

Butts/McCracken - Crystal Butts & Levi McCracken

Weener/Whipple - Amy Michell Weener & Mathew Whipple

Filler/Quick - Francine Filler & Terry Quick

Gowen/Getter - Edna Gowen & Jason Getter

Wacker/Daily - Lisa Wacker & Greg Daily

Aiken/Johnson - Brandon Aiken & Lisa Johnson

Dunnam/Favors - Erica Dunnam & Terance Favors

Fillinger/Goode - Michelle Fillinger & Clayton Goode

Busch/Grabber - Tina Marie Busch & Edward Grabber

Kuntz/Dick - Lisa Renee Kuntz & Gary Wayne Dick


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