On this date in 1784, the Revolutionary War officially ended with the Treaty of Paris. That was the first Treaty of Paris. The more recent one had to do with not allowing video cameras in the bedroom.

In 1914, Ford much-improved their assembly line system by attaching a chain to each car being brought down the line.
It worked much better than having the chains attached to the workers.
Well, all the workers except for Django.
Ford improved its assembly-line production of cars by strictly enforcing a "no assembly line dancing" policy.

"The Today Show" premiered on this date in 1952. Over 60 years of saying, we're going to talk about this, this and this... but first, this!

In 1953, Tito was elected president of Yugoslavia by the Yugoslav Parliament. I had no idea any of the Jacksons were even interested in politics.

On this date in 1954, Marilyn Monroe married baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Joe fell in love right away. It only took him 10 minutes to get to second base.

In 1960, Elvis Presley was promoted to sergeant in the U.S. Army.
However, he wasn't very good at leading his men into battle. He would always tell them, "Wise men say only fools rush in..."
Well, 1 for the money... 2, for the show... 3 to get ready now go Sarge, go!

On this date in 1966, British singer David Jones changed his name to "David Bowie" to avoid confusion with Davy Jones. Absolutely true -- he was going to change it to Tom Jones... but then a singer with that name had a hit with "It's not unusual." So, he went Bowie.

In 1963, George C. Wallace was sworn in as governor of Alabama with the pledge "segregation now; segregation tomorrow; segregation forever!" Scary to think how recent that actually was...

On this date in 1981, The FDA approved the extended wear contact lens.
Stick that in your eye.
Or was it that the extended the approved wear contact lens? Hmmm... lemme double-check that one.
Of course, you needed wetting solution and the toughest part was always being invited to enough weddings to get some.
It just went on to prove that if you want to replace glasses, you have to have contacts.

In 1993, David Letterman announced he was leaving NBC for another network. He had a list of reasons why. Ten to be exact.


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