On this date in 1521, Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. I'm no religious history expert, but I believe it was for taking a knee during the sermon.

In 1871, Henry W. Bradley received a patent for oleomargarine. He originally wanted to call it, "I can't believe I didn't invent butter." On this date in 1888, the very first drinking straw was invented. I wonder what they used straws for before that?
Sucking on an empty soda with a straw was all you could do to annoy people in a movie theater until the cell phone was invented.
Until that day, nobody but you knew when you had reached the end of your soda.
To think, the world existed all those years without the end of the soft drink slurping noise.
It proved much easier to use than the eating straw.

In 1943, the very first missing persons report was broadcast in New York City. Hard to believe people didn't disappear until 1943.

On this date in 1957, the very first electric watch was introduced. People loved the convenience of wearing a watch you never had to wind. The only drawback was that really long extension cord.


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