On this date in 1782, the first U.S. commercial bank, the Bank of North America, opened in Philadelphia, PA. They didn't have toasters to give to new customers, as this was over 100 years before they were invented.

In 1789, the very first presidential election in America was held. We didn't vote for candidates, we voted for electors... who a month later chose George Washington. Until then, it seemed like the only thing the town criers would talk about were campaign ads.

On this date in 1894, Thomas Edison filmed his famous movie, "The Sneeze" at the Thomas Edison studio in West Orange, NJ.
It was much more popular than the sequel, "The Bless You."
Needless to say, he needed more plot development.
Critics called it the "must see picture of the year"... since it was the only picture of the year.
When asked for his secret, he replied, "Pepper."

On this date in 1959, the United States recognized Fidel Castro's new Cuban government. Up until then, the beard threw them.

In 1963, postage stamps went up from 4 cents to 5 cents for a first-class letter. Now a days, that's the size of the latest increase. The change was featured in the movie, "Cent of an Increase."


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