Ladies your turn now to find out which qualities are the most important and will make you irresistible to your man! Don't forget to ask guys the question, "What do they find irresistible in their ladies?"

Sexual Fulfillment
She meets his needs by becoming a terrific sexual partner and understands what brings out the best in both of them. Is creative, spontaneous, curious and fun in bed.

Recreational companionship
She develops an interest in the activities he enjoys most and tries to become proficient in them so they can both enjoy them together. She becomes his favorite recreational companion who he associates his most enjoyable moments of relaxation with.

Physical Attractiveness
She keeps herself physically fit with diet and exercise and wears her hair, makeup and clothes in an attractive manner.

Domestic Support
She creates a home that is stress free and relaxing which allows him to spend more time enjoying his family.

She understands and appreciates him more than anyone else, she's his best cheerleader and is proud of him and helps him to maintain self-confidence.


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