• Angelina Jolie is hinting she may go into politics.
  • Chris Brown is facing jail time for owning a pet monkey without a permit.
  • An Ohio man wanted to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his daughter who is a flight attendant on Delta Airlines. So, he booked six flights and was on each of the ones she had to work those two days.
  • A Baby Jesus stolen from a New Jersey Nativity scene 90 years ago was returned over the holidays.
  • Jack Black is starting a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming.
  • Kim and Kanye are buying a $14 million luxury condo in Miami.
  • Meanwhile, Matt Damon ended the year by buying the most expensive piece of property in Brooklyn -- a $16.7 million condo.
  • Forest Whitaker has filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage.
  • Ariana Grande canceled her scheduled Las Vegas New Year's Eve performance days before the event, blaming "unforeseeable health reasons" as the culprit.
  • The state whose workers have the highest rate of most unused vacation days is... California.
  • Lots of grumblings about NBC's New Year's Eve coverage, some calling it "the worst New Year's Eve Show ever!"
  • Among the new laws taking effect with the New Year, it's now legal in Oregon to eat the meat of roadkill.
  • The U.S. Post Office closest to the burial site of Jimi Hendrix has been named after the early rocker. It's in Renton, outside of Seattle.
  • Usher has filed for divorce from his wife after three years of marriage.
  • Ask one Texas mom what she did over the holiday season and most likely, she'll bring up that 14-pound, 13-ounce baby she had.
  • Taylor Swift's video "Look What You Made Me Do" has reached a billion views.
  • A man on an Air India Express flight Saturday from Dubai to Lucknow, India, reportedly stripped off all his clothing and began parading up and down the aisle.


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