• A penny found in a child's lunch money turned out to be a 1943 Lincoln Head Penny made of copper -- that was the year, due to the war, they made pennies out of steel. It's expected to sell at auction for anywhere between $100,000 and $1.7 million.
  • McDonalds is going bacon crazy. Coming on January 30th: Cheesy Bacon Fries, the Big Mac Bacon burger and Quarter Pounder Bacon burger.
  • A new survey found that 1 in 5 Millennials with debt plan to die without paying it off.
  • The Chrysler Building in New York is up for sale.
  • In Oklahoma, a woman is facing multiple fines after bragging about poaching a "bigo buck" on a dating app to a man who turned out to be a state game warden.
  • Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds and his wife had called it quits, but now it appears they're attempting to get back together.
  • Japan has instituted a departure tax, known as a Sayonara Tax. Yes, a fee to leave their country. Before you board your jet or cruise ship to leave the country, you'll have to pony up around $9.
  • Among the things being shown at the annual Consumer Electronics Show this week: the first-ever DNA kit for cats. Do you really need to know?
  • 45% of smart thermostat owners have received a discount from their energy provider.
  • Fans went bonkers the other day, when Beyonce was spotted shopping in a Los Angeles Target store, for Blue Ivy's birthday.
  • Mike Bobo's Colorado State Rams stumbled to their worst record of his four-year tenure in 2018, finishing 3-9. And so, when his contract called for an automatic raise of $100,000, he turned it down.
  • A $1,500 a month dog day care center has opened in San Francisco.
  • FYI, a new report says that the top 20% of households pay 88% of all federal income tax.
  • Unplugging might be easier when you have a financial incentive. With Lilspace, a free app, spending time offline earns you points, which you can redeem for store discounts or charitable donations.
  • Margot Robbie will star in a live-action "Barbie" movie.


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