Malaysian King Sultan Muhammad V abdicated on Sunday in an unexpected move, after just two years on the throne. Some say it was for love, after he secretly married a former Russian beauty queen. He's 49, she's 25.

School teachers in Los Angeles may go on strike this week.
A Japanese restaurant owner paid $3.1 million last week for a 613-pound bluefin tuna.
"Suits" is reportedly offering Meghan Markle millions to make one appearance in the series.
That was Jim Carrey at the Golden Globes Sunday with his new girlfriend, Ginger Gonzaga. He's 56, she's 34.
Computer and device users, every 20 minutes you should look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Take note: blue light not only upsets your sleep but can also damage your retinas.
Kaley Cuaco says she doesn't want "The Big Bang Theory" to end and says she's hoping they reboot the series in a year or two.
Shaquille O'Neal helped pay for the funeral of that 7-year-old girl that was killed in a drive-by shooting last week.
Pizza Hut is going to add beer to their delivery choices.
Susan Zirinsky has been named president of the CBS News division, their first female president.
A Philippines bride had her caterer arrested after finding the wedding cake was made of foam.
Then there's that Phoenix woman who met a guy online, went on a date and they kept texting him. 159,000 times.
The Seattle Mariners say that 45-year-old player Ichiro Suzuki will be on their roster when the team opens the season this year in Japan.
A friend of mine says you can drive through McDonald's any time and order a bag of ice for just $1. True?
Kathy Griffin's mom is suffering from dementia.
A Virginia woman left up her Christmas tree long enough that over 100 praying mantises popped out of a brown egg-case, which was under the tree's branches.
Judge Ginsberg was NOT on the bench yesterday as the Supreme Court heard arguments. It was the first time she had missed a session, as she recovered from cancer surgery.


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