(from Men's Health)

Two is the number of road trips the average guy takes each year.

30% of men think their old man was a better driver than they'll ever be.

33 percent of men say their "fondest road trip" memory is torturing their siblings in the back seat.

33 percent of guys say their favorite road trip snack food is beef jerky.

20 percent of men would "sooner pee in a bottle" than take the time to pull over at a rest stop.

10 percent of men are willing to admit they can't change a flat tire.

27 percent of drivers risk blowouts from under inflated tires.

The "mostly likely and stupidest" reason guys can't see the road is no windshield washer fluid.

30 percent of men have "nearly crashed" because they were checking out a hot woman.

88 percent of men try to watch DVDs playing in other cars.

The four attractions guys want to visit before hitting Tijuana: The Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Mount Rushmore and Miami Beach.


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