We're already a third of the way through January. Daddy Mac of the duo, Kris Kross, turns 40. No, that was not the one Ariana Grande was dating. It's entirely possible I just named a person and a group you've never heard of.

Actor/comedian Doug E. Doug turns 49 today. If nothing else, his name is repetitive. The good news with a name like that, as you get older, you only have to remember one name and you've got both covered.

Pat Benatar turns 66 today. She'll now settle for your second best shot.

George Foreman turns the big 7-0 today. Ask him a question or two, but don't grill him. To some, he was a great boxer... to others, the guy responsible for introducing them to the grill of their dreams.

Donald Fagen, half of Steely Dan, turns 71 today and is still reeling in the years.

Da ya think he's still sexy? Rod Stewart turns 74 today. Some say he has a gravelly voice. Others say it's more like crushed gravel. As a child, Rod gave himself that gravelly voice. When other kids played in their sandboxes, Rod ate his.


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