Dave Grohl of Nirvanna and the Foo Fighters turns the big 5-0 today. Grunge that! I wish he'd leave those poor Foo's alone.

Jason Bateman, probably the most famous case of "Arrested Development," also turns the big 5-0 today.

L.L. Cool J. turns 51 today. I wonder what it would be like going through life with 75% of your name being initials. At what point does he just go by his regular name, James Todd Smith? You don't use a lot of frosting writing his name on the cake when 75% of his name is letters.

Mark Addy from "Still Standing" turns 55 today. These days, he's sitting.

Carl Weathers turns 71 today. He played "Apollo Creed" in the Rocky movies. Apollo the boxer, not the theater.

Holland Taylor turns 76 today. Who? Think Charlie's mom on "Two and a Half Men."

Jack Jones, the singer who belted out "The Love Boat" is now as old as the passengers on board -- 81.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day -- It was founded to celebrate pets and to support the pet fashion community as a fun way. Dress Up Your Pet Day is a good opportunity to dress up your pet with sweaters, booties and fashion accessories.


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