We're exactly six months away from the 4th of July

Julia Ormond turns 54 today. Her biggest film was "Legends of the Fall" which would have been a great title for a movie on the fiscal cliff.

Tennis player Guy Forget also turns 54 today. Why is it I can never remember his name?

Dave Foley turns 56 today. He provided the voice for Flick in "A Bug's Life"... but of course, in real life, Dave's much shorter.

Michael Stipe of R.E.M. is 59. He's now old enough, he loses his religion regularly. The band's name was randomly selected by Stipe, from Rapid Eye Movement. Ironically, as he gets older, it's harder for him to get really good R.E.M. sleep.

Country singer Patty Loveless turns 62 today. For the record, that's not her real name. She was born Patricia "Ain't Getting' Any." She almost married a guy once, but his last name was Theft and it just wasn't worth it.

Dyan Cannon turns 82 today. She was all that in her prime. Now she's just that. Years ago, she starred in "Heaven Can Wait"... now she's living it!

Legendary Miami Dolphins football coach Don Shula turns 89 today. He coached the only perfect season of the National Football League. 17-0 in 1972. I had the exact opposite that year, asking girls to the prom. Yep, 0-17.


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