Dustin Diamond is 42 today. Happy birthday to Screech!

Nicolas Cage turns 55 today. When you think about it, he's done it all -- gone bankrupt, married Lisa Marie Presley, done two "National Treasure" movies...
And still doesn't have an "h" for his first name.
He had income tax problems for a while, even after finding all that money in "National Treasure."
He's considered one our country's greatest (in debt) actors.

Donna Rice turns 61 today. She's the reason we never had a President Gary Hart.

Katie Couric is a perky 62 today. Perky birthday to you, Perky birthday to you. We're sure the phrase, "perky news" was inspired by her.

Kenny Loggins is 71 today.
Now when he says, "Footloose," it's in a conversation with his doctor.
His foot is no as loose as it once was.
He's getting close to moving into that retirement center down on Pooh Corner.


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