Weddings Month --

The average cost of an American wedding is 35,329, according to the most recent figures from the Knot. Couples, on average, spend between $20,040 and $33,400 but, most couples spend less than 10,000. This does not include cost for a honeymoon. All the ladies we asked said it was nothing proportionate to the lasting power of the relationship, that is the less the couple spends on the "material" items i.e. the perfect dress, the ice sculpture, the country club reception, the cinematographers, the white doves, stretch limos. The more likely they stay together.

Here are things from the Washington Post that cost as much as the average U.S. wedding:

Food truck: $34,000
Some couples rent food trucks as a low-cost catering option at their weddings. However, an entrepreneurial couple could buy their own food truck for the price of a wedding. This Craigslist posting in the D.C. area for a food truck with a 14-foot kitchen includes a griddle, deep fryer, stove, salad bar unit, freezer and more. Parking permits and taco shells sold separately.

Feed 350 school children for an entire school year: $35,000
The average amount spent on catering at a wedding back in 2016 was $71 per guest. Now, the full price of a wedding could provide food for 350 school children on the weekends. According to its website, the nonprofit organization Blessings in a Backpack provides food to 89,000 children who get free meals at school but can't always count on being fed over the weekends.

Tiny home: $35,000
In a tiny home (typically 300 square feet), you'd have no room for wedding gifts anyway, so good thing you're skipping the nuptials. The Tiny House Blog puts the average contractor-built tiny house at $35,000, though there's quite a range out there.

Go on $35,000 worth of extravagant dinner dates
For about $16,000, two people can dine at the world's 12 most expensive restaurants -- according to a list from Forbes -- in New York, Spain, France, Japan, Beverly Hills and more. That leaves about $20,000 left over for airfare and hotels, which should do just fine as long as you're not flying first-class and staying at the world's most expensive hotels.

Four Super Bowl tickets on the 50-yard line: $36,000
For $36,000 or more, you and your significant other can go -- and bring your best friends along.


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