A Facebook Post You Don't See Every Day!

A 6-year-old girl in southeast Michigan was rescued from her home after posting photos of her dead father and unconscious stepmother on Facebook! Police in Mount Morris Township, just north of Flint, say a relative in Tennessee contacted them after seeing the pictures. Officers went to the home and found the man's body; a pit bull had apparently been gnawing on his face. The woman was taken to a hospital and authorities say she's listed in intensive care. Mount Morris Township Police Chief Terence Green said "This 6-year-old went through a traumatic event-and she saved a life." Green says the adults appear to have overdosed on drugs. He credits the girl, now with her mother, for being resourceful and bright. (Detroit Free Press)

Now It Gets Real! Expect Delays on Your Tax Refund Due to Shutdown

If you didn't care about the government shutdown before, you might now. The Internal Revenue Service may have to delay tax refunds this year, thanks to the partial shutdown. Per a Treasury Department plan created in late November, issuing tax refunds is considered a "non-excepted" activity, meaning workers responsible for carrying out this task could be put on furlough during a shutdown. Right now, the IRS is working under a contingency plan for the non-filing season that has it operating with only 12.5% of its employees. During a shutdown the agency usually doesn't do audits, answer questions, or dole out tax refunds. The IRS will still have workers on hand to process tax payments. For the record, by Feb. 2 of last year, some 6 million households had received $12.6 billion in refunds. However, if the shutdown is resolved over the next few weeks, taxpayers might not feel the tax refund hit. (Wall Street Journal)

Fried Air

A restaurant in the Italian town of Castelfranco Veneto has come up with an ingenious way to get a leg up on the competition - treating guests to a unique dish called "fried air." Nicola Dinato, the head chef at Feva Restaurant wanted to capture the essence of being outdoors and breathing fresh air in an dish aptly called "aria fritta" or "fried air". The name is a tad misleading, as the crispy treats are actually made of tapioca skin that's first baked and then deep fried. However, there's some air involved in the cooking process as well, or at least a component of it - ozone. After the tapioca skin is baked and fried, it is infused with ozone for 10 minutes, which gives the treats a special perfume. After the special infusion, the crispy fried air is placed on a bed of cotton candy, which Dinato hopes will remind patrons of clouds. All that'll cost you $30 bucks. (Oddity Central)

Soccer Fans

Talk about a crazed soccer fan! A Peruvian fan recently showed his love for his favorite soccer club by getting his team's jersey tattooed straight on his body. The tattoo took a total of 60 hours to complete and has been getting mixed reactions on social media. Tattoo artist Jean Pierre Salinas at the Lima 13 tattoo studio started posting videos of the process on Facebook. But while some appreciated the fan's dedication to his beloved club, Alianza Lima, others said that he went too far and even mocked the man, claiming that while the team's colors were white and blue, his darker skin tone created a brown and blue combination instead. But Salinas fired back: "It's not madness, it's passion! He had been wanting to get this tattoo for a long time, but only recently got the guts to go through with it." (Oddity Central)

When God Sends You Bullets

A Texas pastor is lucky to be alive after a bullet fired into the air fell through the roof of a church right in the middle of one of his sermons! No kidding! When the bullet hit the ground, Pastor Evan Risher of Ramp Church Texas picked it up and incorporated it into his sermon. He later posted pictures from the ordeal with a caption saying, "The devil lost again." Police say the bullet was fired from outside and was likely a celebratory gunshot. Thank God, no one was hurt. (WREG)

Some People Are Far Sicker Than You Could Possibly Imagine

In Phoenix, a woman has given birth which normally wouldn't be big news. But this time it is because the woman drowned nearly ten years ago and has been in a vegetative state at Hacienda HealthCare ever since. Obviously a sex abuse investigation is underway and we've got one sick man working at the hospital. The baby was born on Dec. 29 and is doing well. None of the staff were aware that the patient was pregnant until she was pretty much giving birth according to reports. The facility has reportedly changed protocol after the Dec. 29 birth. Male staff needing to enter a female room are now required to bring a female employee with them. (FOX News)

Really Texas? Really?

A Dallas family is at risk of becoming homeless because of a dent in their car. Sontlux Sukhavachana lives at the Biltmore Apartments in Dallas, which is run by the Ohio-based company, Fath Properties. Each tenant must abide by the same policy: fix your car or get towed. But Sontlux says he doesn't have the money to fix the dent and it would mean he couldn't make next month's rent. He's a father of three and his family, which relies on one income, also relies on one car. He later told reporters, "They're expecting tenants who barely have enough money to make ends meet to invest money in cosmetic damages." Sandy Rollins of the Texas Tenants' Union denounces the policy saying, "While it might not be illegal, it doesn't mean that it's not outrageous." Of the 174 Google reviews for the Biltmore, almost half of the ratings are one-star. On Yelp, residents and former residents share pictures of what they claim to be mold, water damage and other issues. Sontlux added, "They're not very motivated to repair things or make the apartment look good but they want us to keep our cars in immaculate shape." (CBS/Dallas)

What the What?

Doctors in the Dominican Republic spent two hours retrieving a spray can of Glade air freshener from a male patient's butt. The man's wife claimed that she put the can where the sun don't shine at her husband's request during a wild night of wild passion. A hospital spokesperson told local media that the man is stable and is recovering. He also said that similar cases are not uncommon noting that many patients have been admitted with wooden and plastic objects as well as vegetables stuffed up their backsides. They did suggest not trying this at home. Well, at least his farts smelled better. Guess that CRACK team of doctors saved the day! (The Sun)


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