Your liver is about the size of a football. (Yes)

Buffalo can actually jump as high as six feet in the air. (B.S.)

The U.S. has more violent weather than any other country in the world. (Yes, according to NASA, in a typical year, the U.S. can expect some 10,000 violent thunderstorms, 5,000 floods, 1,000 tornadoes, and several hurricanes)

There are now more Christians in the world than any other religion. (B.S., it's Muslims)

A wrist injury caused her to change her plans, but Ariana Grande originally set out to become a concert violinist. (B.S.)

Cats can see better in the dark than the light. (B.S., they see better than you do in the dark, but they still see better in the light)

Americans buy about 5 million things with Mickey Mouse on them every day. (Yes)

Adding a teaspoon of olive oil to a load of laundry will produce the same effect as using an expensive fabric softener. (B.S., but it will make your clothes all oily!)

The grandfather of Charles Lindbergh changed the family's last name. If he hadn't, our high flying hero would've been known as Charles Manson. (Yes)

There are 3 times as many rats as people in Lima, Peru. (B.S., there are actually 5 times as many rats as people)

The only mobile U.S. National Monuments are San Francisco's cable cars. (Yes)

License plates in Hot Springs, Arkansas, once featured a bathtub and the slogan, "We Bathe The World." (Yes)

Singer Sheryl Crow was once one of Michael Jackson's backup singers! (Yes)

The strongest muscle in the human body is the thigh. (B.S., it's the tongue!)

It is against the law to recycle eye glasses in the U.S. (Yes, there's actually a federal law against it. We don't know why)

80 percent of your brain is water. (Yes - except our PD where it's closer to 95 percent)

Despite their name, which indicates otherwise, most centipedes have less than 50 legs. (Yes)

In terms of square miles, Canada is bigger than the U.S. (B.S., they were until we got Alaska. Now we're bigger! USA! USA!)


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