(Woman's Day) The truth behind common ways women get a handle on their anxiety:

44 percent watch television
Experts say: Go ahead and cue up Netflix. "A little bit of escapism isn't a bad thing," says Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D., a psychologist based in New York City. But limit stressful news shows and watch whatever relaxes you. Also, avoid binge watching, which has been shown to hinder sleep.

41 percent turn to food
Experts say: Rethink the habit. High-fat and high-sugar grub can shift your focus away from stress and light up your brain's pleasure centers, but it leads to sugar highs and then lows not what you need when dealing with anxiety. Fight the brownie urge and opt for healthy options as much as possible.

33 percent avoid social situations
Experts say: If you're anxious, it's smart to dodge people who don't make you feel good, but interacting with positive folks can help you manage anxiety. "As humans, we're wired for connections," says Carmichael. If you're struggling, ask a friend to meet you for a chat.

33 percent get some exercise
Experts say: Wise decision. For example, yoga helps to soothe your nervous system, in part because the practice centers so much on breathing. Not a yogi? Stroll your way calm. Harvard researchers found that even a 20-minute walk could clear the mind and reduce stress hormones.

33 percent journal or do other creative activities
Experts say: "Taking time to be artistic helps release what's on your mind," says Carmichael. Try signing up for a regular class, like pottery or writing, to routinely put yourself in inventive space.

31 percent read a book or magazine
Experts say: A good read takes your thoughts to a new place exactly where you want to be if you're worrying. "It's a great way to block out your anxious internal monologue," says Carmichael.


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