Born On This Day...

In 1572 English playwright/poet, Ben Johnson (Volpone, The Alchemist)
In 1776 English landscape painter, John Constable
In 1824 Publisher, Orson Munn (Scientific American)
In 1864 German composer, Richard Strauss (Also Sprach Zarathustra)
In 1867 Scientist, Charles Fabry (discovered the ozone layer)
In 1879 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Roger P. "Duke" Bresnaham
In 1880 Jeannette Rankin, first woman elected to the U.S. congress
In 1886 Engineer, David Steinman (aerodynamically stable bridges)
In 1889 Actor/director, Wesley Ruggles (Keystone Kops)
In 1895 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Jacques Brugnon (Four Musketeers)
In 1900 Journalist, Lawrence E. Spivak (Meet The Press) [d: 3-9-94]
In 1903 Football Hall-of-Famer, Ernie Nevers [d: 5-3-76]
In 1904 Jazz singer, Clarence "Pinetop" Smith (Boogie Woogie) [d: 3-15-29]
In 1910 Composer/conductor, Carmine Coppola (Godfather II) [d: 4-26-91]
In 1910 Oceanic explorer, Jacques Cousteau (The Undersea World) [d: 6-25-97]
In 1912 Painter, William Baziotes (abstract expressionist) [d: 6-4-63]
In 1913 NFL coach, Vince Lombardi (Packers, Redskins) [d: 9-3-70]
In 1919 Actor, Richard Todd (Dorian Gray) [d: 12-3-09]
In 1920 Critic/author, Irving Howe [d: 5-5-93]
In 1920 Jazz drummer, Shelly Manne [d: 9-26-84]
In 1920 Jazz singer/actress, Hazel Scott (Hazel Scott Show) [d: 10-2-83]
In 1922 Actor, John Bromfield (Sheriff-The Sheriff of Cochise) [d: 9-19-05]
In 1922 Film director, Michael Cacoyannis (Zorba the Greek) [d: 7-29-07]
In 1925 Author, William Styron (Sophie's Choice) [d: 11-1-06]
In 1933 Comedian/actor, Justin 'Jud' Jr. Strunk (Laugh-In) [d: 10-15-81]
In 1933 Actor, Gene Wilder (Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein) [d: 8-28-16]
In 1936 Actor, Chad Everett (Dr. Joe Gannon-Medical Center) [d: 7-14-12]
In 1937 Actor/comedian, Johnny Brown (Nathan-Good Times) (82)
In 1939 Author, Christina Crawford (Mommie Dearest) (80)
In 1939 Auto racer, Jackie Stewart (3 world driving titles, 1965-73) (80)
In 1940 Singer/songwriter, Joey Dee (Peppermint Twist) (79)
In 1944 Astronaut, James Van Hoften (STS-41C, 51I) (75)
In 1945 Actress, Adrienne Barbeau (Carol-Maude, Swamp Thing) (74)
In 1946 Singer, John Lawton (Uriah Heep) (73)
In 1947 Singer, Glenn Leonard (The Temptations) (72)
In 1948 Drummer, Skip Alan (Them, The Pretty Things) (71)
In 1948 Actor, Stephen Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop-Another World) (71)
In 1948 Actor, Michael Swan (Duncan-As The World Turns) (71)
In 1949 Drummer/songwriter, Frank Beard (ZZ Top) (70)
In 1950 Singer, Graham Russell (Air Supply) (69)
In 1952 Singer/songwriter, Donnie Van Zant (.38 Special) (67)
In 1953 Actor, Peter Bergman (All My Children, Young & the Restless) (66)
In 1954 Football Hall-of-Famer, Gary Fencik (Bears, Super Bowl XX) (65)
In 1954 TV host, Greta Van Susteren (On The Record) (65)
In 1956 Football player, Joe Montana (49ers, Chiefs) (63)
In 1959 Actor, Hugh Laurie (Stuart Little, House) (60)
In 1960 TV host, Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz Show) (59)
In 1963 Singer, Gioia Bruno (Seasons Change-Expose) (56)
In 1964 Actor, Wren T. Brown (Courtney Rae-Whoopi) (55)
In 1964 U.S. runner, Kim Gallagher (Olympic-Silver-1984) [d: 11-18-02]
In 1966 U.S. swimmer, Tiffany Cohen (Olympic-Gold-1984) (53)
In 1966 Country singer/songwriter, Bruce Robison (53)
In 1967 Actress, Clare Carey (Kelly Fox-Coach) (52)
In 1969 Bassist, Dan Lavery (If You Could Only See-Tonic) (50)
In 1969 Upright bassist, Smilin' Jay McDowell (BR5-49) (50)
In 1973 Actor, Robby Kiger (Josh-Crazy Like A Fox) (46)
In 1974 Tennis player, Tatiana Ignatieva (45)
In 1975 Actor/singer, Mylin Brooks (Mickey Mouse Club 90s) (44)
In 1976 Bassist, Tai Anderson (Third Day) (43)
In 1978 Actor, Joshua Jackson (The Mighty Ducks, Dawson's Creek) (41)
In 1986 Actress, Brighton Hertford (B.J. Jones-General Hospital) (33)


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