• According to PetSmart, 32% of dog owners buy toothpaste for their dogs.
  • One out of every three American adults admit that they haven't made a crank phone call since high school.
  • According to CareerBuilder.com, employer fashion pet peeves are number 1 an un-ironed shirt, number 2 sneakers and number 3 flip flops.
  • A recent study shows only 4% of men still write love letters to their wives.
  • According to recent study, not touching your face is the best way to avoid getting sick.
  • Having a drink together as a couple once a week is good for your marriage.
  • Americans use 3 times as much toilet paper as people in any other country.
  • According to a recent study from the Netherlands, looking at skinny models could derail your diet.
  • 47% of people have done this in the kitchen. A drink from a milk carton.


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