• Less than 5% of movies released each year in the U.S. have G rating.
  • According to Cosmopolitan, 20% of guys work out to get over getting dumped, another 20% listen to anti-love songs.
  • Running into glass is the second most frequent cause of accidents in the home.
  • Women spend a little more than 70 days of their life shaving their legs.
  • 15% of Americans have taken a day off work because they stubbed their toe.
  • Numerous studies show that continuing to remain single after age 40 raises your risk for premature death.
  • Throwing out unused food costs the average American family almost $2300 a year.
  • 70% of women wish they didn't have to deal with being hit on at the gym?
  • The most popular time to do this is Mondays at 9pm Eastern time, in the month of August. Use Tinder.


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