The Magicians' Stella Maeve and Benjamin Wadsworth Are Engaged- See Her Ring. Congratulations are in order for two beloved Syfy actors. The Magicians star Stella Maeve is engaged to Deadly Class actor Benjamin Wadsworth. "May 10th, this happened," Stella shared on Instagram when flashing her new piece of bling. "My love, life, wife!" As soon as the news was revealed, family, friends and followers couldn't help but congratulate the couple on their happy news. At the same time, one user couldn't help but address the fact that Benjamin is only 19 years old. Don't worry, the actor has something to say about that. "Yeah but my dog, you don't know me," Benjamin wrote in the comments section. "You don't know my relationship. I'm loving a great life. Now I get to live it forever with my beautiful fiancee." The Hollywood stars first met at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2018. And according to Benjamin, sparks flew almost immediately. "I was waiting to go on to do the [Deadly Class] panel and my manager was talking to her and said, 'Ben, come over here and meet Stella' and then it was up from there," Benjamin previously recalled to Page Six. "She kept making eye contact with me too, so I decided to go over and talk. She's rolling her eyes at me right now." Perhaps some fans got a sense that something special was going to be announced. Earlier this month, Benjamin took to Instagram and gushed about the leading lady in his life. "I love her so much," he wrote. "She's so beautiful and full of energy. I'll never get tired of you @StellaMaeve. I'm crazy about you." Stella would later comment, "You're the love of my lifetime. Truly." Awe! Here's to many more years of happiness! (Eonline)

Liam Hemsworth Gushes Over Miley Cyrus As He Calls Himself "Husband Goals." "#Husbandgoals" is absolutely correct. Liam Hemsworth praised his wife Miley Cyrus on Friday night, the same day that she released her new six track EP, She Is Coming. Hemsworth posted a few artsy photos on Instagram that he took in Barcelona in Cyrus' dressing room. In one picture, the 26-year-old wears large black sunglasses with a bright light shining behind her. The whole picture makes Cyrus look all the more ethereal. The Australian actor also took the photo from a lower vantage point because the picture is angled upwards. "Girls got talent. She might just make it...WOW to the awesome dude (me) for taking such an incredible photo. #husbandgoals ;)," he wrote on the social media platform. The 29-year-old bragged about his photography skills in yet another photo of his wife that he posted on Instagram. In the second picture, Cyrus looks straight at the camera with her mouth slightly open and her tongue sticking out a bit. He once again played with light in the picture as one of the bulbs made it look like a spotlight was shining right on the star. That wouldn't be that far from the truth! He wrote, "I'd say there's a 48% chance I'm actually the BEST photographer ever." Cyrus of course sings about her loving husband in one of her new songs, "The Most." She croons at one point in the track, "Oh, and even in my darkest days, even in my lowest place/You love me the most," Cyrus sings. "And even when I can't stay, even when I run away/You love me the most." Hemsworth has tried his hand at singing ("Party in the U.S.A." to be exact) in a more casual setting, but it seems like he'll let Cyrus stay at center stage when it comes to musical careers. Cyrus and Hemsworth have always been vocal about their love and support for one another. Whether it's the 2019 Met Gala or on social media, the newlyweds never cease to be one of the best and most amusing couples around. In February, for instance, the "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" singer walked the red carpet at the Isn't It Romantic premiere sans Hemsworth because he was at home recovering from kidney stones. It's also why he didn't make it to the 2019 Grammys the night before the film premiere. She wrote on Instagram on Feb. 11, "It's hard for entertainers to put themselves before the project but this time it was crucial .... I am proud to represent him and his incredible work. So happy to see him shining in this comedy! He is the funniest person I know, and the world now gets to see the Liam I wake up to every day.... luckiest." Cyrus and Hemsworth tied the knot right around Christmas at their home in Tennessee in a small ceremony surrounded by their family. She wore a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood dress while The Hunger Games star wore a black suit with white sneakers. On Valentine's Day, Cyrus shared never-before-seen photos from the ceremony. She captioned one, "My Valentine every single day." (Eonline)

Fergie's had enough of the separated life ... she and Josh Duhamel are finally getting divorced ... TMZ has learned. Fergie filed divorce docs Friday in Pasadena, and no one could call it a rash move. The exes have been apart publicly since September 2017 ... when they announced they were breaking up. In a joint statement, they said they'd actually been separated since earlier in 2017. However, neither made a move divorce-wise ... until now. The singer and actor have one child together ... their son Axl, who is 5 years old now. They'd been married for 8 years before announcing their break-up � and they had started dating in 2004. Josh has been dating pretty openly. In the last year, he's been seen out with Rebekah Graf, Eiza Gonzalez . . . and just this week he was at Nobu in Malibu with a mystery brunette. Late last year, Josh was on Dax Shepard's podcast when he said he wanted more kids and was looking to date someone young enough to make that a reality. (TMZ)

Priyanka Chopra Denies Report Saying She Visited Megan Markle and Baby Archie. Priyanka Chopra wants you to know that no, she did not visit Meghan Markle to meet her and Prince Harry's newborn son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor while she was in England recently. The news amid months of rumors of a feud between the 36-year-old actress and the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex, who have been friends for years. On Thursday, Priyanka and husband Nick Jonas were photographed together in London and The Sun reported that day that the two visited Meghan and Harry's Frogmore Cottage home at Windsor Castle, located 25 miles away, and even gave Archie gifts from jeweler Tiffany & Co. "While these are great gift ideas... this story is untrue, and I was actually in town for work," Priyanka tweeted. Feud rumors about Meghan and Priyanka were sparked in December after the duchess, who was pregnant at the time, did not attend the actress' wedding to Nick in India. They were fueled further in February when Priyanka missed Meghan's baby shower in New York. The actress dismissed the rumors on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in March. She also took to Instagram to congratulate the duke and duchess on the birth of baby Archie after he was born last month. In recent weeks, there have also been multiple reports that Meghan's BFFs Jessica Mulroney and Serena Williams had both separately visited her and her family at Frogmore Cottage. They and the royals have not confirmed such visits. (Eonline)

Priyanka Chopra Defends Meghan Markle and Calls Her a Victim of Racism. Feud? What feud? Priyanka Chopra has nothing but nice things to say about her longtime "stunning" friend Meghan Markle, and is one of her biggest defenders. Since her relationship with now-husband Prince Harry was made public in 2017, the Duchess of Sussex, who is of mixed race, has drawn racist and otherwise insulting online remarks by trolls -- which recently prompted the royal family to make the decision to start deleting some comments off their Instagram accounts. In addition, over the past year, Meghan, 37, has also often come under fire from the press, who have published multiple unflattering reports about her, namely about her alleged "difficult" behavior. Priyanka, 36, told the Sunday Times that the media criticism of Meghan is "really unfortunate," adding, "But if there's anyone who can handle it, it's her." When asked if she thinks it's rooted in the inability of some to accept a biracial woman at the heart of the monarchy, Priyanka told the newspaper, "For sure, 100%. Of course, it has to do with racism, it's an obvious reason. But the beauty of Meg is that she's been herself through all of this. A lot of people got to know her after everything [once she started dating Harry], but I knew her before and she's the same chick." "Now that she's got a real platform, she talks about the same things she always did," Priyanka continued. "We spent hours speaking about the difference that influence and dialogue can make to the world before this whole thing happened, so what you see now is authentically her. She's always been the girl wanting to move the needle." Priyanka made her comments following months of rumors of a feud between her and Meghan, sparked in December after the duchess, who was pregnant with baby Archie Harrison at the time, did not attend the actress' wedding to Nick Jonas in India. Priyanka dismissed the rumors on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in March. However, they persisted, even after she took to Instagram in May to congratulate Meghan and Harry on the birth of their son. On Thursday, Priyanka and Nick were photographed together in London and The Sun reported that day that the two visited Meghan and Harry and their baby and even gave him gifts from jeweler Tiffany & Co. The actress denied the report. In her interview with the Sunday Times, Priyanka opened up about her friendship with Meghan. The two met at a women-in-television dinner a few years ago and found that they share similar interests, such as activism, feminism and race. "We just connected on how we see the world and as girls," Priyanka said. "Meghan is such a progressive, modern girl. She's what the world is today -- a self-made woman who looks like each one of us. I mean, she's stunning. But she is so completely herself." (Eonline)

Britney Spears in therapy after checking out a mental health facility. Britney Spears is still prioritizing her mental health. The 37-year-old pop star revealed in an Instagram video Thursday that she is seeing a therapist after checking out of a treatment center over a month ago. The clip, which plays instrumental music underneath, shows Spears making several goofy faces. She captioned it,"... after therapy and being too serious it's so nice to be silly !!!!!" Some commenters wrote that the singer's facial expressions made them "uncomfortable," but Spears' boyfriend, Sam Asghari, praised her for her honesty. "Inspiring people to be themselves rather than trying to get others approval," he wrote, adding the hashtags "#humble" and "#real." Spears has been frequently updating her social media this week. On Tuesday, she shared a photo of herself lying out in a bikini on a pool float, and in a second post also blasted conspiracy theorists who claimed her team was controlling her. A source previously told Page Six that the "Toxic" singer wants to keep her stress levels "as low as possible" after checking out of a mental health facility. She admitted herself in April to help cope with her father Jamie Spears' worsening colon condition. "Britney was having a hard time dealing with her dad's health issues," a source close to the Spears family told us at the time. "Britney hasn't been drinking or doing drugs or anything, she just has some very difficult emotional and mental health issues." (PageSix)

Kenny Rogers hospitalized for dehydration, slams 'misinformation.' Reps for Kenny Rogers are slamming rumors of his declining health. In a statement released to social media Friday, the 80-year-old singer's reps said he was hospitalized in Georgia for dehydration and added that they're determined to fight back against the "misinformation" surrounding Rogers' health. "Due to recent wild misinformation and speculation from several media outlets, we are issuing the following statement on behalf of Kenny Rogers: Kenny was recently admitted to a local Georgia hospital and treated for dehydration," the statement read. "He will remain there to complete some physical therapy to get his strength back prior to discharge," the statement continued. "He appreciates the concern and well wishes he has received from his fans and can assure everyone he plans on sticking around through the years to come." The statement came more than a year after Rogers, who announced his retirement in 2017, canceled the remainder of his farewell tour dates because he was facing "health challenges." "I didn't want to take forever to retire," Rogers said in a statement provided by Harrah's at the time. "I've thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to say farewell to the fans over the course of the past two years on 'The Gambler's Last Deal' tour. "I could never properly thank them for the encouragement and support they've given me throughout my career and the happiness I've experienced as a result of that." (PageSix)

Ric Flair is praising the doctors who "brought me back again" -- saying it's a "miracle" he survived a terrifying medical scare earlier this month ... and he's got the $1.8 MIL bill to show for it. In his first video since leaving the hospital last week, the 70-year-old apologized for not speaking out sooner ... but says his vocal cords have been sore from having a tube down his throat. But it didn't take long for Flair to start screaming and "woooing" again while explaining how he almost DIED for the second time in just 2 years. As we previously reported, Flair was rushed to the hospital on May 16 after suffering a "very serious" medical emergency. He underwent surgery and was released a week later. Flair says his treatment was a "$1.8 million tune" ... and said, "Thank god for insurance." "I'm living here to tell you the kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', limousine riding, jet flyin' son of a gun is not gonna change, slow down, I'm moving forward!!" Naitch says a bunch of his famous friends checked in on him during his hospitalization -- from Triple H to Charles Barkley to Hulk Hogan to Offset. But Flair also CALLED OUT a bunch of his so-called friends who DIDN'T call. While he didn't name names, it's obvious he's really pissed at those people. Doctors told Flair he needs to "grow up" and treat his body better -- but Flair says HELL NO ... he's gonna continue to push the limits and booze and party until his dying breath. "I'm never gonna get old. I got a wife that wants a 35-year-old man every day of her life." "I don't care how many doctors tell me, 'you gotta learn to grow up' ...I'm not gonna act like my age, don't ever tell me that!! I'm paying you to make me better so I can be me. That's me and that's all i'm ever gonna be ... good or bad." "I'm up, I'm well, and I'm just starting to tell my story." WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (TMZ)

Ric Flair is finally detailing the specifics of his recent health scare ... telling TMZ Sports he underwent surgery to receive a pacemaker -- and now plans to live 25 more years!!! Now that Naitch is back home and feeling great ... he joined the guys on "TMZ Sports" TV show and reflected on his week in the hospital. Ric says he went in to fix an issue with his heart ... and tells us he's confident the doctors fixed him just right -- hooking him up with a new pacemaker. "This is the 4th time I've been in in 7 weeks," Flairs tells us ... "They finally figured out what type of pacemaker to put on me. Which I found out just how important the operation of your heart is. Ya can't breathe if your hearts not working." In fact ... Naitch says they even were able to get rid of a blood clot he didn't know he had. "I stayed for 48 hours [after surgery] just to make sure because we've been trying everything," Ric said, showing off his brand-new heart surgery scar. "We finally got behind it and I think I'm good to go." Ric says he's so confident everything was fixed in the procedure ... he told the guys he's planning on living for the next quarter of a century!!! "I feel great. The prognosis is I could live to be 95." There's more ... Ric also told us about all his super famous friends who reached out to him during his hospital stint ... and described how much it meant to him to hear from his buddies. Flair says guys like Hulk Hogan, Charles Barkley, Bruce Smith and Darius Rucker all reached out. Even Offset hit him on the video chat, with Ric saying, "He FaceTime'd me in the hospital. Then he sent out this ridiculous Tweet, 'my friend isn't dead!'" Ric tells us all the love meant the world to him ... "I just can't thank them enough." (TMZ)

"Aladdin" star Mena Massoud would rather get around town on a flying carpet than get behind the wheel of another Tesla -- he's suing the company for causing his car wreck. According to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ ... the actor says his brand-new Tesla Model 3 had manufacturing and design defects that made him crash the whip into a tree. In the docs, Mena says he bought his Tesla last September, and the very next day he was changing lanes on Hollywood Boulevard when the front right wheel suddenly crumpled and flew right off the car! He says his vehicle went skidding off the sidewalk and only stopped when it smashed into a tree. The lawsuit includes photos of his banged-up ride ... as well as the innocent tree that got jacked up. Mena, who's hired attorney Kevin K. Javidzad at Colony Law, says he suffered personal injuries and his Model 3 was totaled. In the suit, he says the blame lands squarely on Tesla's shoulders because wheels shouldn't just be flying off of their cars. We reached out to Tesla ... so far, no word back. (TMZ)

Arcangel got a gift from the legal gods ... he won't face charges for delivering a side kick that sent the mother of his children flying into a wall. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... prosecutors in Las Vegas are rejecting the domestic battery case due to a lack of evidence. That seems odd because cops arrested him after viewing surveillance footage of him kicking the woman. We reached out to the D.A.'s Office about that video, and they told us the case was rejected for "lacking prosecutorial merit." They would not elaborate any further. We broke the story ... cops say Arcangel was caught on camera kicking a woman last month at The Cromwell Hotel. According to the arrest report, the woman said she's his baby mama and they had an argument that led to what Arcangel described as a "little kick thing." Cops say the "little kick" looked more like a brutal side kick on video, but Arcangel insisted it was just horseplay. It's unclear if prosecutors are buying his version of events, or if the woman was just unwilling to cooperate with investigators. Bottom line for Arcangel is he's off the hook for misdemeanor domestic violence. (TMZ)

Brazilian soccer star Neymar has been accused of rape -- and the alleged victim has gone to authorities in Brazil to file a report ... according to multiple outlets. AP says they've obtained a police report filed Friday in Sao Paulo, in which the unnamed woman claims to have been raped by Neymar on May 15 at a hotel in Paris. She alleges that after exchanging messages on Instagram, a representative for Neymar's soccer team -- Paris Saint-Germain F.C. -- bought her a plane ticket and booked her a room. She reportedly went on to tell police that around 8 PM that night, Neymar came to the room seemingly drunk and forceful sex with her. Neymar's reps have not responded for comment at this point. He's currently in Brazil preparing the Copa America, which kicks off next week. UPDATE: Neymar's father and agent, Neymar dos Santos, has come out to call the rape allegation a "set-up." In a local television interview, Neymar's dad roughly said, "If public opinions is not cleared up, and if we can't show the truth rapidly, this will snowball. If we have to show Neymar's WhatsApps and the conversations with this girl, we will, because it is clear that it was a trap." (TMZ)


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