Poor hygiene, oversized carry-on luggage and boisterous children rank high on the list of top travel peeves, according to a recent Rudeness Poll conducted by Travelocity. When American travelers were surveyed as to their biggest travel gripes this is what they had to say. Top 10 rudest travel behaviors:
  1. When flying, our least favorite seat mate is someone who has poor hygiene (45%) or is coughing or sneezing (30%.)
  2. The most irritating on-board behavior is the passenger who kicks our seat (50%).
  3. The most bothersome fellow travelers to encounter during a vacation are arguing families (31%), boisterous kids (28%) and rowdy college students (24%).
  4. We dread it when our seat mate is obese. More than 80% of respondents feel that large passengers should be seated in two seats. While more than one-third of respondents believe that the large customer should be required to pay for that second seat, fully 44% think an obese passenger should be accommodated at no extra cost.
  5. Getting on the plane: Passengers who wrestle with larger-than-allowed carry-on luggage topped the list of irritations when boarding a plane, according to 29% of all poll respondents.
  6. Getting off the plane: Overwhelmingly, travelers who rush to deplane before those ahead of them are the most annoying, according to 57% of respondents.
  7. Boisterous kids are a common annoyance for travelers, but people traveling without children are twice as likely to be bothered by them (30%) as those traveling with children in tow (15%).
  8. Respondents say children running in restaurants (35%) and touching food at a buffet (33%) are their biggest pet peeves when it comes to kid travelers.
  9. More than half of respondents think parents should remove a misbehaving child from a public setting and a significant one-third feel that such children should be reprimanded.
  10. Travelers with children have different complaints. They are more likely to be bothered by topless sunbathers, men in Speedos and unattended kids at the pool.


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