(from Woman's Day)

Keep cool while you slumber
Having an air conditioner blasting at you at night could cause you to wake more, according to a study by Suzanne Stevens, M.D., sleep specialist at the University of Kanas Health System. Point the vents away from you and follow these other tips to sleep well when temperatures are high:

Fan Effectively
If you have a ceiling fan, double-check that it's rotating counterclockwise. That way, the fan blades will lift the hot air up and bring the cool air down, making you more comfortable.

Eat a light dinner
Your body has to work harder to digest a heavy meal, which creates a warming effect. On particularly hot nights, opt for a cool dinner like a tuna salad.

Take a lukewarm shower
A cold shower in the evening may sound refreshing, but your body temperature will rise when you step out as your body tries to warm itself. A lukewarm shower will gently cool you down.


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