Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Honor Princess Diana With Pride Month Tribute. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are remembering his late mother Princess Diana as they celebrate LGBT Pride Month. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex posted on their Instagram page on Friday night a collage of photos to promote accounts for charities and initiatives such as Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG, the Trevor Project and the It Gets Better Project. The collage includes a pic of Diana sitting on a bed next to a patient at a London medical facility for people affected by HIV and AIDS in 1996. The Princess of Wales, who was known for her charity work to raise awareness and stop stigmas about patients and the disease, died in a car crash less than a year later. Last month, Harry and Meghan purged their Instagram account's list of users they followed, even unfollowing their own royal family members, and replaced everyone with a select number of charities and other groups to promote Mental Health Awareness Month. They have done the same with Pride Month. "Continuing with our tradition to rotate the accounts we follow based on causes and social issues that matter to us: For the month of June we 'proudly' shine a light on PRIDE," the post states. "This month we pay tribute to the accounts supporting the LGBTQ+ community those young and old, their families and friends, accounts that reflect on the past and are hopeful for a deservedly more inclusive future. We stand with you and support you. Because it's very simple: love is love." Harry and brother Prince William have long supported the LGBT community with their various initiatives to combat harassment and bullying and promote mental health awareness over the years.(TMZ)

DC Unveils 'Joker/Harley" Criminal Sanity' Comic Book. The mini-series will be released through the DC Black Label imprint. The relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker has been one that has captured fans' imaginations since Harley was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. This October, the relationship between the two will be explored as never before in an all-new series from the DC Black Label imprint, Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity. "There is no character more terrifying than the Joker. He is one of the most complex psychopathic killers ever created," writer Kami Garcia said in a statement. "I wanted to approach the project as if the Joker was a real person -- an intelligent and sane psychopath, who kills because he wants to, not because he suffers from delusions. To me, a version of the Joker, who is sane like John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy, is more frightening. In the series, Harley is the only character with the skill set and intelligence to hunt the Joker, but the investigation will force her to confront her own inner demons." The Harley Quinn in the nine-issue series won't be the cartoon character audiences are familiar with; instead, she's a forensic psychiatrist and profiler working the case in consultation with Gotham City authorities who's edging ever closer to discovering the truth about the serial killer terrorizing the city. This isn't the first DC comic book for Garcia, a New York Times-bestselling novelist for her work on the Beautiful Creatures series; she's also working on the company's YA Teen Titans series of graphic novels with artist Gabriel Picolo, which launches next month with Teen Titans: Raven. Joker/Harley will be illustrated by Mike Mayhew and Mico Suayan. "When Kami came to us with the idea of profiling one of the most mysterious and dangerous characters in the DC Universe, it felt so new and original," DC publisher Dan DiDio added. "Kami, Mico and Mike are taking great care to ensure that the mystery surrounding the Joker and Harley Quinn remains intact, while delivering a story that's both compelling and haunting. This series is exactly the kind of unique, standalone story that's perfect for DC Black Label, one we hope will engage both casual and new fans of these characters." The series is the latest title for DC Black Label, the imprint announced last year to allow creators the chance to use fan-favorite and iconic characters in stories that aren't required to tie into the monthly continuity of the mainstream DC titles. Other titles in the line include Batman: Damned and the upcoming Superman: Year One by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. The first issue of the series, unveiled during DC's panel at BookCon in New York City today, will be released Oct. 2, with subsequent issues available on a monthly schedule. (Hollywood Reporter)

Pete Davidson Makes Surprise Modeling Debut on Alexander Wang Runway. Pete Davidson is adding a new position to his resume: Model. The Saturday Night Live star made his modeling debut in Alexander Wang's New York City show, which took place at the famed 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Pete must've felt right at home walking the runway that was just a hop, skip and a jump away from the studio where the comedy sketch show is filmed. Cameras caught a glimpse of the star when he was rehearsing by the ice-skating rink on Friday afternoon. He barely managed to avoid the paparazzi in a hooded robe pulled over a pair of jeans and a low-key t-shirt. Luckily, his attempt at flying under the radar was a success! Guests at the show were totally caught off-guard at the sight of the comedian in Wang's designer ensemble, which consisted of black and white pants, a white tank and a black baseball cap. One fan marveled, "Pete Davidson really walked for Alexander Wang tonight...I dieeeee." Pete's latest achievement is definitely impressive, but not a surprise by any means. The star is known for frequently wearing designer clothing and has rubbed elbows with big names like Yeezy designer Kanye West and Queer Eye's Tan France. And, in other news, his new experience as a model has officially made him a triple threat in Hollywood. He is not only a comedian and actor, but now he's a model too. What's next? Perhaps a foray into the musical world? Congratulations, Pete! (Eonline)

Judith Light, 70, models bodysuits for Emily Ratajkowski's clothing line. Judith Light is runway ready. The actress stars in a campaign for the new bodysuit collection from Emily Ratajkowski's clothing line, Inamorata. According to a press release announcing the launch, the photo shoot "Stem[s] from the idea that you can spend your entire life in a bodysuit, the campaign is designed to show how this timeless piece is a wardrobe staple at every age," with models ranging from a 2-year-old child to 70-year-old Light. Models Ebonee Davis, Halimotu Shokunbi and Alessandra Garcia-Lorido, acupuncturist Walda Laurenceau and Our Lady J, a writer and producer of "Transparent" and "Pose," also star in the campaign. Each woman in the shoot chose a bodysuit or romper from the new line, which retail from $48 to $72 and are available exclusively on the Inamorata website, and styled it their own way. "The bodysuit is one of the singularly most important garments to have in one's wardrobe," Light told Refinery29. "It is timeless, it is ageless: the bodysuit conforms to anyone's body type and looks beautiful. It is, hands down, the most versatile piece of clothing that I own and I wouldn't want to be without it in my wardrobe." Inamorata was originally launched by Ratajkowski in 2017 as just a swimwear collection and has since expanded to include lingerie and bodysuits. (PageSix)

Katy Perry Compares Orlando Bloom's Proposal to Kanye West's Level of Romantic. It was like something out of a fairytale. Or, better yet, off of Kim Kardashian's Instagram feed. On Valentine's Day, Orlando Bloom popped the question to love Katy Perry with an extravagant, romantic proposal. And during an interview with Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, the "Never Really Over" singer recalled the surprising night she said "yes." "I just remember meeting him at dinner at this place, this Italian restaurant because, when I get a pass, I just want to stuff my face with pasta," she said. "So, I get there and, I mean, he's like clean-shaven. He's not wearing tennis shoes. I'm like, 'Ah s--t, something is going down!'" She only became more skeptical when the actor started breathing heavily and let her order basically everything on the menu, Perry joked. After their meal, they boarded a helicopter -- of course -- and "he asked me to marry him," she gushed. "We landed on this building and then went downstairs and my family and friends were there and the most flowers you've ever seen." To Perry, the proposal was straight out of Kanye West's book of romance. "It's like when Kanye does that for Kim, you're like, 'Oh my God!'" she explained. "And I was like, 'OH MY GOD!'" (Remember when the rapper had Kenny G. perform for his wife in a room filled with single stem roses?) "He's great," Perry raved of her fiance. "I love him very much." The American Idol judge first announced their engagement on Instagram, showing off her flower-showed ring, estimated to be worth $5 million. "Full bloom," she captured the shot. At the time, a source told E! News that proposal was a complete surprise. "They have discussed getting engaged but Katy did not think it was going to happen so soon," said the source. "There were tears of happiness from Katy and she had a huge smile on her face the entire night." As she later gushed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, "He did so well!" Cheers to a lifetime of happiness! (Eonline)

Khloe Kardashian says she's not into dating these days, but she made an exception Friday night for a dude who will surely freeze his boutonniere and make it a lifelong keepsake. Khloe went to prom with a high school student named Narbeh ... we don't know his last name, but he goes by Narbeh Kardashian. In case it's not clear to you, dude's a super fan and KK decided to make his life by sauntering into the Castaway restaurant in Burbank, where there was an appropriate amount of gawking by Narbeh's fellow students from Hoover High School in Glendale, CA. Narbeh runs a Stan account called @NarbehKardash which has 236,000 followers, so he has plenty of Kardashian kred. He regularly posts pics of the fam ... matriarch on down. Turns out Narbeh and Khloe aren't strangers. He met her last December at a fan event. And, she's sent him birthday messages in the past. A good time was definitely had by him. (TMZ)

Noah Cyrus Strips Down for NSFW Photo and Paris Hilton Approves. Is naughty Noah Cyrus following in Miley Cyrus' footsteps? The pop star's 19-year-old sister and fellow singer posted on her Instagram page on Friday night a photo of herself appearing topless in white lace underwear and posing in front of an open window. The pic is censored; Her nipples are covered with graphics of stars. "You can watch from your window," she wrote in the caption. Her sister Miley famously went through a wild phrase in 2014 and 2015, during which she shared on her social media pages many censored NSFW selfies, and also showcased risque looks in concert. Demi Lovato liked the pic, and Paris Hilton as well. "#HotAF," she commented. (Eonline)

Kit Harington Spotted in Connecticut After Checking Into Treatment Center. There's nothing better for your health than a bit of fresh air. Kit Harington must be a follower of that principle because he was seen taking a stroll through a small town in Connecticut, not too far from the wellness center that he is currently staying at. For the lively stroll through the city, the actor wore a pair of grey pants, a black t-shirt and a flat hat that shielded the star's eyes from the sun. His retreat from Hollywood's sometimes harsh spotlight seems to be doing the star some good. He looked to be happy and healthy, despite reports that the star was dealing with feelings of grief and sadness over the end of Game of Thrones. An alleged friend of the 32-year-old told Page Six, "The end of GoT really hit Kit hard...he realized 'this is it -- this is the end,' it was something they had all worked so hard on for so many years. He had a moment of, what next?" It is no secret that the star struggled to cope with the end of the show that spanned almost nine years. Kit previously said on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show that he felt a sense of "grief" in saying goodbye to GoT. "It's like when you finish a book, you're not happy it's over are you? You don't finish good book and say, 'I'm happy I finished that,'" Harington explained. "But you have this grief that it's over, and it's exactly same with nine years doing this show. No matter how it ended, or how it does end, there's always this bit of you that's like, 'oh'; there's this loss around it." Luckily, he has the support of his wife Rose Leslie, as well as the professionals at Privee Swiss, who, according to Page Six, are helping Kit with "psychological coaching, practicing mindful meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy to combat stress and deal with negative emotions." And it seems to be working! An eyewitness who has seen the celeb around town told E! News that he "seemed relaxed, just like a normal guy but was very friendly and nice." She added, "He mostly kept to himself but talked to a few of the staffers who were fans of the show. He asked them if they were going to watch the finale later that night. He told them he was in town for a 'short holiday' but didn't elaborate." (Eonline)

Adam Sandler Reveals How He Got Maroon 5 to Perform at His Daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Adam Sandler isn't just a regular dad... he's a cool dad. After all, how many parents can say they got Maroon 5 to perform at their child's bat mitzvah? The 52-year-old comedic actor revealed how he pulled off the epic feat on Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Sandler knew he wanted to do something special for his daughter's big day. So, he texted Adam Levine and asked him if he'd be willing to sing a few songs. "I don't know why I did it," The Waterboy star said. "Then you see the dot dot dot. Immediately, I'm like, 'Oh, he got it. He's about to say something.'" The singer was happy to oblige and even asked Sandler if he had any song requests. He also ended up bringing Maroon 5's lead guitarist James Valentine for the bat mitzvah, which took place last weekend. "They played three great songs," Sandler said. "It was the coolest thing, man." Needless to say, Sandler's daughter was totally stoked when she saw the musicians take the stage. "Oh, she hugged me so much -- my Sadie," he recalled. As cool as Sandler's gift was, he joked that Jennifer Aniston's present was the one to take the cake. "She had stuff going on. So, she sent a gift -- one of the best gifts Sadie received... $1.8 million," he quipped. "We couldn't believe it, and Sadie blew it." (Eonline)

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are turning over a new leaf ... and doing everything they can to make sure they regain custody of her children. Sources close to Jenelle and David tell TMZ ... since losing custody of all 3 kids Tuesday, the couple has enrolled in marriage counseling, signed up for parenting classes and David's got an upcoming psych evaluation to find the root of his anger issues ... all conditions set by the judge if they hope to get the kids back. It's all part of the plan to prove Jenelle and David are willing to do whatever it takes to get 9-year-old Jace, 4-year-old Kaiser and 2-year-old Ensley living under the same roof once again. Jenelle has no plans to dump David, even though his brutal killing of the family dog put the wheels in motion for CPS to take the kids out of their home. We're told Jenelle and David are still committed to each other, and they want to emerge from this extremely rough patch as a family. As you know ... MTV booted Jenelle from its "Teen Mom" franchise after her husband shot and killed her French bulldog, Nugget because it nipped at Ensley. We're told Jenelle's firing has really lit a fire inside her ... and she's getting back to work on her new makeup line, which is targeting an August launch. With no kids in the house, she's got a lot more time on her hands. Bottom line for Jenelle and David . . . there's a lot standing between them and her kids, but they're determined to get the family back together. (TMZ)

Unlike Jussie Smollett, at least one of his alleged "attackers" is seeing his career on the upswing ... Abel Osundairo is now training with one of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s trainers. We're told Abel met Nate "The Snake" Jones through a well-connected boxing family in Chicago and they recently met up at Taylor Park Gym in Chi-Town to get in the ring and train. Nate's name carries weight in the boxing world ... the former pro heavyweight joined Mayweather Promotions as a trainer a little over a year after retiring and has trained Floyd in about a dozen fights ... including vs. Manny Pacquiao. As we've reported ... Abel showed promise after mowing down opponents at the Golden Gloves tournament ... scoring first-round TKOs, unanimous decisions and, most recently, a first-round TKO in the senior novice 178-pound division to win the prestigious tourney. Abel's still a raw talent -- he competed in a division for less experienced boxers between 21 and 35 who weigh 178 pounds or less -- but there's potential ... and further proof that if the Osundairo brothers really wanted to hurt Jussie in the "attack" ... it would've been vicious. As you know ... Abel's lawyer says Jussie told them he wanted Abel to "attack" him, but not rough him up too badly. Since the "attack" ... Abel and his bro have struggled to land acting gigs but Abel's fortunes might have turned with Nate -- a former U.S. Olympic Boxing medalist -- now in his corner. We're told Abel's training sesh wasn't a one-off, 'cause they plan to continue training. It's unclear if Nate thinks Abel's got what it takes to turn pro ... but training with a decorated trainer like Nate is a strong sign Abel's serious about boxing. (TMZ)

Kim Kardashian's mission to help convicted murderer Kevin Cooper prove he's innocent is enraging the mother of one of his victims, who says Kim need to read up on the mountain of evidence that shows Cooper is guilty as sin. Mary Ann Hughes tells TMZ she was disgusted to see Kardashian embracing death row inmate Cooper in photos -- "It makes me feel sick to my stomach and I pity her. For what she's doing to us, there's nothing to justify what she's doing to us, the immense pain she is causing us." She added, Kim "obviously has not read all of the actual evidence -- she has bought into half-truths perpetrated by the defense. If she actually sat down and read the transcripts of all the trials and appeals, she would be sick to her stomach to be in the same room with him." Mary Ann's 11-year-old son, Christopher, was sleeping over at a neighbor's home in Chino Hills, CA back in 1983 when he was murdered. Cooper was convicted of using a hatchet to slay the neighbors, Doug and Peggy Ryen, their daughter Jessica and Christopher. The Ryens' 8-year-old son survived the attack. Kim has been on a remarkable mission -- alongside multiple high-powered attorneys -- to help non-violent drug offenders get early releases from prisons. She started with Alice Marie Johnson's release last year, and has successfully freed 17 more inmates in recent months. But Mary Ann says Kardashian's on the wrong side this time and believes Cooper's attorneys "are using her for her reality show status because they can't use the truth to try to help Kevin Cooper. The truth just condemns him." As we reported, Kim went to visit Cooper at San Quentin prison on Thursday, and she's successfully lobbied California Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom to order additional DNA testing in Cooper's case. Kim says she hopes the results will show Cooper is innocent. He's long maintained he was framed. Mary Ann says it's absurd for Kim to think the "pile of evidence" against Cooper was planted. She says he's "100 percent guilty and the evidence shows it. If you want the whole truth, read the 94 page document on the website of the San Bernardino County D.A." ... which was filed in response to Cooper's last attempt to win clemency. Mary Ann points out a woman who claims Cooper raped her in 1982 in Pennsylvania testified against him during the murder trial -- something she thinks Kim needs to know. "She portrays herself as being for women's rights and for the women's movement and yet she is supporting a rapist and a murderer." As for whether Mary Ann wants a chance to educate Kardashian on the case -- absolutely not. She says, Kim "has not reached out to us. I would not even want to talk to her. My opinion of her is about as low as it goes because of what she's putting my family through ... dragging this through the press on a non-stop basis." (TMZ)

The elite commercial crimes division of LAPD met with the L.A. Dodgers recently to give advice on how to avoid being hit by scumbag burglars ... and the message was simple, STOP FLEXING ONLINE!!! It's not exactly rocket science ... cops say criminals are targeting high profile people who are showing off their valuables on social media -- and with athletes, it ain't hard for the bad guys to find out when they're on the road. We've already reported on burglary crews who have targeted homes belonging to Dodgers, Rams, Lakers and other major stars living in L.A. Of course, the LAPD advised the players to beef up their private security and make sure their homes are being monitored during road trips and vacations. But the bigger message was clear ... stop baiting the criminals by showing off what's inside your homes!!! Another law enforcement source tells us the message to all athletes and celebs is ... be less like Floyd Mayweather (who flaunts his toys whenever he can) and more like LeBron James (who protects his property with a full security team). (TMZ)

Frank Lucas, one of America's most infamous drug kingpins, died Thursday night ... TMZ has confirmed. Frank, famously played by Denzel Washington in the 2007 movie "American Gangster," died in New Jersey, according to his brother. We're told Frank was being transported to a hospital for an unknown health issue and died on the way. Lucas rose to power dealing heroin in Harlem in the 1960s and '70s, and he boated of cutting out middlemen by buying his product directly from Southeast Asia . . . then smuggling the drugs back to America using the coffins of dead U.S. servicemen. Frank was born and raised in North Carolina before moving to New York City ... where he eventually got into the drug trade, cutting into the Italian mafia's business and carving a name for himself. Lucas bragged his heroin was among the purest on the street, and he infamously dubbed his product, "Blue Magic." While he was at the top of the NYC drug trade, Frank rubbed elbows with elites from Hollywood, politics and the business world. Frank was finally busted in the mid-1970s and all of his enormous assets and wealth were seized. Lucas owned property across the country in Chicago, Miami, Detroit, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina -- and even Puerto Rico. When the DEA raided Frank's Jersey home in 1975, agents found more than $584,000 in cash. Frank was convicted of federal and state drug violations ... and sentenced to 70 years in prison. Lucas ratted out others in the drug biz, and he and his family entered a witness protection program. After 5 years in custody, Frank had his sentence reduced to time served plus lifetime parole ... but he was later busted for drug dealing again and spent another 7 years behind bars before being released in 1991. Frank is survived by his 7 children. He was 88. (TMZ)


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