When it comes to pregnancy, it obviously takes two to get there. Once you're there, however, there's only one person carrying the baby, and one person who's going to deliver the baby -- mom. With that privilege/monumental task comes the right to make most of the major decisions regarding the pregnancy. Sorry, guys. Sure, dads should be involved, and their input is welcome... to an extent. But, when it comes down to actually making some of the big decisions, if there's a disagreement, then mom's wishes should almost always trump dads. Here are seven things dads shouldn't get the final say on when it comes to pregnancy.

1. What she eats
Until you've experienced cravings so intense they make you feel insane, you have no right to judge our need for tortilla chips dipped in hot fudge.

2. What she wears
Maternity wear is tricky. The only answer to how she looks in anything the whole time she's pregnant is "beautiful!"

3. The doctor she chooses
It would be great if you both had chemistry with the doctor, but ultimately it's got to be about who the woman feels the most comfortable with and who she trusts the most.

4. The baby's name
Dads definitely should get some say here, but if it comes down to a stalemate, then pushing a baby out of a vagina is the trump card (if we're speaking in mixed metaphors).

5. Bottle or breast
Again, dad's input is welcome, but when it comes down to it, they're a woman's breasts, and it's her right to decide what to do (or not to do) with them.

6. Who is in the delivery room
It's sweet if he wants his mother, sister, and great aunt Gertrude there to witness the miracle of his child's arrival, but it's mom who's doing the work, so she should get to hand out the final tickets of admittance.

7. The type of delivery
Epidural or no epidural; home birth or traditional hospital birth; water birth -- all should be mom's final decision to make. Each woman has to plan for the birth that she feels is best for her and her baby... and then hope all goes according to that plan.


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