• Amazon says they'll begin droid deliveries "within months."
  • Dr. John, New Orleans' legendary six-time Grammy Award winning pianist, performer and 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, has died, his family said. He was 77.
  • Shakira is in court a lot these days, in Spain, as she fights tax evasion charges.
  • The American Film Institute gave Denzel Washington a Lifetime Achievement Award last night at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. It will be on TNT June 20.
  • GM says they are working on electric cars that won't give consumers sticker shock.
  • Kesha has given up her blonde locks... for brunette ones.
  • Beverly Hills will become the first city to ban the sales of nearly all tobacco products.
  • GM is testing airless, puncture-proof tires.
  • Oakland has become the second city to legalize magic mushrooms.
  • They've found video of a very young Alex Rodriguez back in 1998 saying that he wanted to date Jennifer Lopez.
  • Down in Southern California, there's a swarm of lady bugs so big, that it actually showed up on the weather radar.
  • An elderly couple who lived in a quiet retirement community in Stockholm, Sweden have reportedly been sued for blasting Iron Maiden too loud.
  • Hats off to paratrooper Tom Rice, who had parachuted on to Normandy Beach during World War II on D-Day... and recreated that jump yesterday at age 97.
  • A Florida man was arrested this week at a Wal-Mart store after he poured salt on the floor to chase away evil spirits.
  • R. Kelly pleaded not guilty yesterday to the 11 new counts of sexual abuse that he was charged with last week.
  • Flight Aware is a way to track flights live; you can track flights in the air over the U.S. by airline operator, airport and even aircraft type.


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