Woman's Day offers these tips to enjoy a happy vacation with a four legged family member.

Update collar IDs
Before leaving, add a second tag that contains your cell number along with the address and phone number of your temporary lodgings.

Buckle your pup
Not only can you be fined in some states for letting your dog ride unrestrained with his head out the window, but it is also hazardous, since flying debris can damage your pet's eyes and ears. Be sure he is secured properly with a belt or crate.

Serve up snakes
Your pet will last longer without a bathroom break if you skip a full feeding before leaving. If your journey is under 4 hours, give him a quarter-portion of his meal an hour before departure. Dole out water and more snacks at regular intervals.

Beat the heat
At rest stops, never leave a pet in the car even with the window cracked for longer than 10 minutes. The temperature inside can very quickly rise to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So take him out if possible, or park in the shade and check on him frequently.

Fourth of July Reminder: More pets go missing on Independence Day than any other day of the year, according to HomeAgain, a pet microchip company. So keep a close eye on your furry friend especially if he is afraid of fireworks.


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