The Good Place To End After Season 4. We have arrived in the Bad Place. NBC's critically acclaimed comedy The Good Place will end after season four, creator Mike Schur announced during a panel celebrating the show on Friday night. "After The Good Place was picked up for season two, the writing staff and I began to map out, as best we could, the trajectory of the show. Given the ideas we wanted to explore, and the pace at which we wanted to present those ideas, I began to feel like four seasons -- just over 50 episodes -- was the right lifespan. At times over the past few years we've been tempted to go beyond four seasons, but mostly because making this show is a rare, creatively fulfilling joy, and at the end of the day, we don't want to tread water just because the water is so warm and pleasant. As such, the upcoming fourth season will be our last." "I will be forever grateful to NBC and Universal TV for letting us make The Good Place, and for letting us end it on our own schedule," Schur continued. "I will also be forever grateful to the creative team, both on-screen and off, for their hard work and dedication to a very weird idea. We ask the question very frequently, on this show, what do we owe to each other? The answer, for me, is: I owe all of you a whole lot." The comedy stars Kristen Bell, D'Arcy Carden, Manny Jacinto, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, and Ted Danson and follows a group of humans in the afterlife, which, if you haven't seen it, is about all we can and want to tell you before you watch it immediately. It will return for its final season this fall on NBC, Thursdays at 9 p.m. (Eonline)

Nostalgia Alert! Brenda Song Looks Back at Her Disney Channel Post Ahead of Amphibia Return. Nearly 19 years ago, Brenda Song first appeared on the Disney Channel as a young girl who just wanted some snow for Christmas, in the 2000 movie The Ultimate Christmas Present. Now, she can be found once again on the network in the new animated series Amphibia, voicing a character named Anne Boonchuy. In the exclusive featurette, Song takes a look back at her Disney Channel roles over the years and reflects on what they meant to her and how much fun she had playing them, alongside some clips (Yay me!) that will surely bring back some beautiful childhood (and teen-hood) memories. "Returning to the Disney Channel really feels like coming home," she says. "I grew up on Disney, like literally." As for her faves, she starts with what might just be everybody's fave: London Tipton, of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. "She's like a huge part of me now, because I played her for almost eight years," Song says. She also gives a shoutout to Wendy Wu, lead of Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. "I loved Wendy Wu," she says. "It was the first time I had the opportunity to play the lead telling a story about the struggles of being a 16-year-old Asian-American, all the while, having this crazy curse on her and doing martial arts and having to go to homecoming. It was a lot of fun." Song also explains a bit about her new character on Amphibia, including which of her other character she's most like. Amphibia follows Anne (Song), a 13-year-old Thai-American girl who steals a mysterious treasure chest and is magically transported to Amphibia, a wild marshland full of talking frog-people. She befriends one of the frog-people, an adventurous young frog named Sprig Plantar, who will guide her to be a true hero. Justin Felbinger voices Sprig, and other characters are played by Amanda Leighton, Bill Farmer, Tony Hale, Chris Sullivan, Stephen Root, Anna Akana, Jack McBrayer, Matt Jones, Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir, Diedrich Bader, Kevin McDonald, and James Patrick Stuart. Amphibia premieres June 17 on Disney Channel. (Eonline)

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas says revival will find Veronica at a 'crossroads.' When the Veronica Mars revival hits Hulu on July 26, Veronica is going to have a decision on her hands. On Saturday, series creator Rob Thomas sat down with stars Jason Dohring (Logan), Enrico Colantoni (Keith), and Percy Daggs III (Wallace) -- Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, couldn't be there -- at the 2019 ATX TV Festival, where Thomas talked with EW's own Sarah Rodman about his inspiration for the upcoming revival. Thomas, who conceived of the idea while the bomb scares were happening in his hometown of Austin, Texas, said, "There will be bombs in Neptune during Spring Break." The creator then added, "Traditionally there are a lot of stories about men coming to this crossroads in their life where the idea of okay commitment, family, mortgage, kids is one direction and freedom, irresponsibility, 'do whatever I want' is the other direction. I was interested in putting Veronica at that crossroads. A big part of the story has to do with what kind of life Veronica wants to live." With the revival airing on Hulu -- the original series aired on UPN and then The CW from 2004 to 2007 -- Thomas also previewed an "adult private eye show." (Don't forget, Veronica is no longer a teen.) But with that being said, the show won't stray too far from its first three seasons, which will become available to stream on Hulu beginning July 1. Speaking of the first three seasons, Thomas promised a lot of "fun drop-ins" in the series, noting a number of old faces fans will see again, from Max (played by Adam Rose) to Logan's old girlfriend Parker (Julie Gonzalo) and a couple of people Veronica put behind bars. "Veronica has to drop by Chino prison and managed to meet a couple of people she put in there including her old teaching assistant Tim Foil [played by James Jordan] and Ryan Devlin [who played Mercer Hayes]," Thomas said. The Veronica Mars revival hits Hulu on July 26. (Entertainment Weekly)

Pauley Perrette Says She Is "Terrified" of NCIS Co-Star Mark Harmon "Attacking" Her. Pauley Perrette has confirmed rumors of Mark Harmon's alleged role in her 2017 exit from NCIS. The actress spoke out against her longtime co-star on Twitter, saying she has no intentions of returning to the CBS drama because she is "terrified" of Harmon. "NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER! (Please stop asking?) I am terrified of Harmon and him attacking me. I have nightmares about it," Pauley wrote online. "I have a new show that is SAFE AND HAPPY! You'll love it!" Just last month, CBS picked up Pauley's new sitcom Broke for the upcoming season. Additionally, Pauley tweeted photos of what she claimed are of a NCIS crew member with stitches and a black eye. "You think I didn't expect blow back? You got me wrong. THIS happened To my crew member and I fought like hell to keep it from happening again! To protect my crew! And then I was physically assaulted for saying NO!? And I lost my job," she tweeted. Previously, in an attempt to quell speculation surrounding her departure from NCIS and "protect" the show's crew, Perrette tweeted in May 2018 a note that implied she suffered "multiple physical assaults" on set. "There is a 'machine' keeping me silent and feeding FALSE stories about me. A very rich, very powerful publicity 'machine,'" she tweeted in part. "No morals, no obligation to truth, and I'm just left here, reading the lies, trying to protect my crew. Trying to remain calm. He did it. I've been supporting ant-bullying programs forever. But now I KNOW because it was ME! If it's school or work, that you're required to go to? It's horrifying. I left. Multiple Physical Assaults. I REALLY get it now. Stay safe. Nothing is worth your safety. Tell someone." CBS responded to the issue in a statement obtained by E! News, which read, "Pauley Perrette had a terrific run on NCIS and we are all going to miss her. Over a year ago, Pauley came to us with a workplace concern. We took the matter seriously and worked with her to find a resolution. We are committed to a safe work environment on all our shows." Perette and Harmon's NCIS characters notably did not share the screen together during Season 14. As some reports claim, tension arose between the pair when a dog belonging to Harmon allegedly attacked a crew member on set in 2016. Harmon has not responded publicly to Perrette. E! News has reached out to his rep as well as CBS for comment. (Eonline)

Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian's New Promo Vows to Redefine Revenge in Season 3. Mark your calendars! We are officially less than 1 month away from the Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian season 3 premiere (Sunday, July 7 at 9 p.m.) And, after taking a look at the latest teaser, we couldn't be more excited. Per the new footage, Khloe Kardashian's transformation series will "redefine" revenge. Not only will contestants shed pounds with the help of Revenge Body's trusted trainers, but the participants will also bulk up on muscle. "I only know how to do skinny," one male participant admitted in a confessional. Nonetheless, fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden assured her client that he could put on about 30 pounds. Of course, this won't occur without some "blood, sweat and cheers." "It's not just about today. It's about the rest of your life," former professional rugby player Luke Milton wisely noted on camera. All of this wouldn't be possible without the wise guidance of Revenge Body's host. True story. "You look amazing," a contestant noted to Kardashian. "Honey, I'm trying to keep up with you," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star happily responded. (Eonline)

Princess Love fans rejoice ... Ray J's wife is NOT leaving 'Love & Hip Hop' ... quite the opposite, actually, she's starring in the franchise's biggest ad campaign of the year!!! Princess raised eyebrows a few weeks ago when, out of the blue, she announced she was leaving the reality show ... but we've learned she's not going anywhere. Sources close to the famous couple tell TMZ ... Princess had an issue with the show's production schedule and producers, and that's why she threatened to leave 'L&HH' in the dust. In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and now she's front and center in a major show promo. We've obtained video and photos of Princess Love and Ray J on set for a new crossover ad campaign between VH1, MTV and the upcoming 'Fast & Furious' movie ... and it's pretty awesome. Princess and Ray J are starring alongside 'Jersey Shore' alums Pauly D and Vinny, who are promoting their new MTV show ... and the ads are gonna make it look like the reality stars are in the new blockbuster. The couple's manager, David Weintraub, tells TMZ, "Starring in L&HH is a rollercoaster, when you ride that ride, there are days when you want to be in the show and some days you want to quit. Love always prevails and sometimes you just have to shoot it." VH1 and MTV wanted their BIGGEST stars for the promos, and that's why Ray J and Princess Love were picked. Seems like it was enough to sweeten the pot and keep Princess rocking with 'L&HH.' (TMZ)

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a 'journalist,' judge rules. The Rock went from wrestler to actor -- and now a New York judge says he's a "journalist," too. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- who produced an HBO documentary about troubled teens choosing military-style "boot camp" instead of jail -- qualifies as a reporter whose work is protected by journalistic privilege in regards to the film, a judge ruled in Manhattan Supreme Court this week. HBO had been subpoenaed by a former Miami-Dade County correctional officer, Christy Laster, who appeared in Johnson's 2017 documentary, "Rock and a Hard Place." The year after the flick aired, Laster was charged with accepting bribes, extorting cadets and stealing valuables following an internal probe into reports of thefts, and her lawyers said in March court papers that outtakes from the documentary would help prove her innocence. Her camp argued "that the involvement of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rendered the project a 'celebrity reality TV show' as opposed to a 'documentary' entitled to protection," according to court papers. But HBO refused to hand over the footage, saying it was protected by the Empire State's journalistic Shield Law, according to court papers. Judge Carol Edmead agreed, saying it doesn't take much to be considered a journalist in New York. "The statute very broadly defines a 'professional journalist' as anyone gathering 'news intended for dissemination to the public' in some sort of professional capacity," she wrote in the ruling. "Even if the project were more entertainment-focused... [It] would still likely apply as long as one of the purposes of the project was disseminating news to the public about the youth incarceration program." The judge added that the subpoena amounted to a fishing expedition. "Respondent cannot argue that any information contained in Petitioner's outtakes is critical and necessary when Respondent does not know what the outtakes actually captured. Respondent cannot contend that her defense 'rises or falls' on the basis of footage that may not even exist," the judge wrote. So, the footage will remain in the possession of HBO and won't be admitted as evidence in Laster's case, according to court documents. A rep for the star didn't immediately return a request for comment Friday. (PageSix)


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