(Women's Health)
  • 1966 was the year Father's Day was first declared a holiday.
  • 1 in 5 women say their first word was "dada."
  • 18% of women hope to find a guy just like their dad.
  • 15% of women said as kids they thought their old man could kick Superman's butt.
  • Coolest thing the Average Woman's dad taught her to do how to be a 'Ms. Fix-It.'
  • She calls her dad a average of 6 times a month.
  • She visits her dad 3 times a month.
  • She spends her quality time with dad yapping over coffee most often chatting about her lazy brother, nagging mother, or mooching uncle.
  • 50% of daughter's send dad a card for Father's Day.
  • 42% give him a call or a gift.
  • The most popular gift for Father's Day is a necktie.
  • 30% of dad's think a necktie is the worst choice for a gift.
  • 22% of women say they're closer to their Dad than their Mom.
  • 1 in 3 say Dad's easier to talk to than Mom.
  • 26% of women would describe their dad as a tough guy.
  • 14% of women think their dad is a big softy.
  • Nearly a third of women say their trait they inherited from Dad and which they hadn't is his temper.
With Father's Day this Sunday, Men's Health asked its readers about the man they call Dad: what he did right, what he did wrong, and indelible lessons he taught:
  • 30% said their father was very involved in raising them.
  • 64% said their dads are handier than they are.
  • 75% said they're funnier than their dad.
  • 62% said their dad is more responsible than they are.
  • 52% said they're smarter than their dad.
  • 52% said they're more successful than their dad.
  • 27% said they tell their father they love him often.
  • 42% said Cliff Huxtable's parenting style is what they wished their dad emulated.
  • 76% said their dad did spank them.
  • 79% who are not fathers said they want kids someday.
  • 53% who want kids said they want two children.
  • 66% said if their wife couldn't conceive they'd adopt.
  • 6% said they'd ask their best friend to be a sperm donor.
  • 67% said the odd of them unknowingly fathering a child was zero.
  • 57% of those who are fathers said they're a better father than their own dad.
  • 30% said they miss nothing from before they were a dad.
  • 66% said if their marriage was in trouble they'd stay together for their kids.
  • 34% said work prevents them from being a better dad.


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