Gerald Reibmann is the author of "Centered" and in his book he reveals that the shape of your belly button says things about your personality and how long of a life you will live. If your belly button is...
  • Off-center -- you're fun-loving but moody. You'll live into your early 70's.
  • Round -- you're modest, even tempered, and quiet. Expect to live until your early 80's.
  • An outty -- you're optimistic, outgoing, and enthusiastic. You will live until your early 70's.
  • An innie -- you're gentle, cautious, and prone to worry. You'll live into your mid 60's.
  • Horizontal -- you're complex, emotional, and sensitive. You will live until your late 60's.
  • Vertical -- you're self-confident, generous and stable. You will live until your mid 70's.


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