Take this quiz from Cosmopolitan and find out.

1. You're invited to a white-tie wedding like the fanciest. You wear:

A. The same sheath dress and nude pumps you sport at most nuptials.
B. An edgy look everyone will think needs tailoring it's fashion.
C. Something lacy and bright. If people question the color, you'll offer up a white-glove hand.

2. As a tween, you fantasized about meeting your future spouse:

A. In a code-dorm hallway, where you'd bond over your matching shower shoes.
B. On a mysterious blind date with a total bad-boy type.
C. At a family function your kin invite the most interesting people.

3. You're walking into a diner when bam you bump right into Bieber. You:

A. Nod, give a polite smile, and say "bon appetit."
B. Convince him to make his next bop an overtly feminist anthem.
C. Give Biebs the evil eye for not opening the door for you.

4. When you win the lotto, you're gonna move into:

A. A decent-size house with a pool near your hometown.
B. Um, a private plane. Now entering perma-honeymoon mode with bae.
C. An 18th-century crib with servants' quarters.

5. Your boss brings her kids to work, and you get daycare duty. By 5 p.m., you've:

A. Encouraged them to write hand-written notes to their usual sitters.
B. Spent so much time squatting and scolding, you realize child-reading tones better than barre.
C. Gotten the tots to start calling you Your Highness.

The Breakdown:
Mostly A's - Classy Kate - You're one posh woman: graceful, well-mannered, and humble but with a spine of steel. Good on you for keeping your cool and always putting up a steady front. Just remember that it's also okay to bare your flaws and real feels once in a while.
Mostly B's - Modern Meghan - Fearless is an understatement. Like the latest addition to the Windsor crew, you've been sparkling since birth. That said, you know how to rein it in when the situation requires, which makes you a whiz at navigating new challenges and uncharted territories.
Mostly C's - Queen Elizabeth - People bow down to you. You demand respect without having to say a damn thing, and while you may be a bit of a traditionalist, you still have the ability to surprise people, thanks to that devilish little glimmer in your eye.


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