(Cosmopolitan) Ladies, sitting at a desk for hours on end is hard on you and your clothes. Here are six stealth ways to look like you have yourself together all day:

Be crease conscious
Wear thick materials like denim or wool, which hold their shapes, or wrinkle-resistant fabrics like polyester or nylon blends. Read that tag.

Say be to pit stains
White or light-colored tops hide your sweat better than dark ones do. If your sweat glands are working overtime, try wearin a linen shirt. The natural material absorbs sweat and keeps you cool.

Add a layer
Calling Grandma to tell her she was right about slips. Trust: They somehow make your clothes look like they fit better and they ward off static and keep butt sweat at bay.

Stockpile dryer sheets
They're the ultimate multitasker: Rub them on your clothes to get rid of deodorant or makeup residue, or bunch'em up in that pair of heels under your desk to soak up odor. You can even wipe one through your hair to tame frizz.

Raid the supply closet
Packing tape, sticky side up around your hand equals your new lint roller. Double-stick tape can mend a broken seam, and a pencil eraser can stand in for a lost earring back.

Bring the jewelry drama
If all else fails, a fab pair of earrings will distract everyone fro the fact that there's toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe.


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