• According to USA Today, over 55,000 people in the U.S. are injured by jewelry each year.
  • A recent survey found, the top 3 things that annoy people most at the beach are smokers, loud kids, and people who wear suits that don't fit.
  • The average voicemail message lasts 22 seconds, and just about everybody in America has one.
  • According to a recent study, more than 20% of Americans couldn't pass a written driver's test that they were forced to perform when they were younger.
  • A recent survey found 50% of women admit their husband is a better cook than they are.
  • The deepest point on Earth can be found in the Mariana Trench. Located east of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific ocean, the Mariana Trench plummets between 35,756 and 36,070 feet at its deepest point.
  • To avoid contracting a case of "office worker's back," desk-bound employees need to spend nearly 17% of their workday on the move.
  • Your bedmate's snoring can send you to an early grave, says a recent study. Serious snorers can fill a bedroom with up to 90 decibels of noise pollution, about the same wall-rattling level as a passing rain, say experts.


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