Princess Diana Musical to Make Broadway Debut in Spring 2020. The production, titled 'Diana,' wrapped an extended world premiere run at California's La Jolla Playhouse in April. The musical Diana -- based on the life of the late Princess of Wales, who died in 1997 after a car crash in Paris -- will make its Broadway debut this spring. The Joe DiPietro-David Bryan production will begin performances at New York's Longacre Theatre on March 2, 2020, with an official opening set for March 31. Diana -- which explores the beloved royal's marriage to Prince Charles and the pair's eventual separation -- wrapped an extended world premiere un at California's La Jolla Playhouse in April. At La Jolla, Jeanna de Waal (Kinky Boots) starred in the titular role and Roe Hartrampf played Charles. Erin Davie (Broadway's Side Show) portrayed Camilla Parker Bowles, and Tony winner Judy Kaye (The Phantom of the Opera) was Queen Elizabeth. All four will reprise their performances for Diana's Broadway run. Christopher Ashley directs and Kelly Devine choreographs, while Ian Eisendrath serves as music supervisor. Before welcoming Diana to the Big Apple, the Longacre Theatre will host Broadway's limited holiday engagement of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. (Billboard)

Victoria's Secret First Transgender Model Valentina Sampaio Plans to Change the Fashion Industry And Society. Valentina Sampaio has spread her wings straight into history. Earlier this month, news broke that the 22-year-old had been hired by Victoria's Secret, making her the first openly transgender model in the company's decades-long history. And to Sampaio, this is more than just another job. "This represents a victory for society, not just the trans community but for all people who currently underrepresented in fashion," Sampaio told "We are experiencing a moment, an evolution and it is a positive one." "Brands are finally learning and catching up to the importance of inclusivity and diversity," the Brazilian catwalker continued. "It is hugely important moment not only for myself, but my community and beyond." Indeed, she feels the weight of her wings. Sampaio told the outlet that she plans to use her voice and presence to "try to change the status quo not only in fashion industry but also in society." When asked about the brand's transphobic history -- controversial chief marketing officer Ed Razek has since announced his retirement -- Sampaio's agent swiftly stepped in. "The world and the society are changing super fast," Erio Zanon said. "So, I think that even fashion industry must follow these changes in order to satisfy the new customers demands." Sampaio first revealed her new gig on Instagram when she shared a behind-the-scenes shot from an upcoming Pink campaign. "Backstage click @vspink," she captioned a shot. "#bastidores #new #vspink #campaign #representatividade #diversity #beauty #selfie #model #life #fashion #usa #vstorm #valentinasampaio #bomdia." The following day, she returned with another, writing, "Never stop dreaming genteee #staytuned #bastidores #new #vspink #campaign #representatividade #diversity #beauty #selfie #life #fashion #usa #vstorm #valentinasampaio." "Wow finally!" commented a celebratory Laverne Cox. But don't expect to see Sampaio strutting down the runway anytime soon. After all, Victoria's Secret angel Shanina Shaik recently dropped the bombshell news that the annual fashion show has been canceled. "It's something I'm not used to because every year around this time I'm training like an angel," she told Australia's Daily Telegraph. "But I'm sure in the future something will happen, which I'm pretty sure about." (Eonline)

T-Pain Says He Went from Having $40 Million to Having to Ask for Money to Buy His Kids a Burger. "I've been mega-rich, you know, I've been super broke, right in the middle of thinking I was mega-rich, and then got rich again," the rapper said last week on The Breakfast Club. T-Pain is opening up about his financial ups and downs. The rapper, 33, discussed his lessons in wealth management throughout his career last week on The Breakfast Club radio show, saying that he's "been on each end of the spectrum." "So now I know what the high end is and what the low end is," he told co-hosts Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee. "I've been mega-rich, you know, I've been super broke, right in the middle of thinking I was mega-rich, and then got rich again, and you know learned how to really give a s -- about money." T-Pain revealed that while at one point he had as much as $40 million to his name, he has also found himself with zero dollars in the bank. To illustrate the state of his low bank account, T-Pain explained, "I, like, had to borrow money to get my kids Burger King." Elsewhere in the episode, the rapper said that he "almost" lost his $6 million house in Atlanta, and that his spending habits had his accountant "panicking." The "Girlfriend" singer said that he's doing much better financially now, and that the more he puts into work, he finds the more he gets out of it. "Once you give a s -- about the money you're making, then, you know what I'm saying, you feel much better about your accomplishments, you feel much better about what you're doing, you start paying attention to your work that makes you money," he said. He also said it's about more than simply getting on stage to "sing real quick." "There's a lot of s -- that comes with it," he continued. "When you put out records, you gotta do the right things, you gotta, you know, you gotta go through the motions and really give a s -- about it." "You get back up and you learn, man," he said. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, T-Pain said that the proudest moment of his career was when he was able to provide for his family, which includes wife Amber Najm and kids Lyriq, 15, Muziq, 12, and Kaydnz, 9. "Being able to afford diapers and food -- that was a great moment," he said. "I think that's always going to be my proudest moment -- figuring out how to provide for my family," he added. "Awards are always great, but in the long run it doesn't really say who you are. I'm more concerned about my family, my kids and my wife and making sure I can provide." (People)

Paris Hilton body art is a thing of the past for her ex-fiance, who replaced a tattoo of her name with something more primal ... or at least, primate. Chris Zylka -- who was engaged to Paris for about 10 months or so last year -- popped into Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop in Markham, Ontario Sunday for a big project ... covering up his Disney-themed "Paris" tat that was spread across the bulk of his left forearm. We're told Chris -- who's up north shooting a new Netflix show -- explained to the tattoo artist, Winson Tsai, that he wanted to cover up his "Paris" ink before he finishes his shoot by the end of the week ... while also admitting it was time for him to ditch the tat. Welp, they definitely got the job done -- and in record time too, it seems. Chris' arm, which also featured a lion tat, now has a full-blown gorilla on it ... with leaves, for added effect. Our sources say the work took about 6 hours total to complete, and that for this type of detailed tat ... it can run folks upwards of $1,300. It's unclear if Chris paid that though. As for why he opted for an ape -- we're told it's because Chris felt it's a nice, peaceful animal, and his favorite one as well. RIP to that lion (and Disney "Paris" for that matter) ... those tats are long gone from his arm now. Chris and Paris have been over for nearly a year now. They split up back in November making it the heiress' 2nd failed engagement. Chris seems happy though!!! (TMZ)

Kelly Ripa Says Daughter Lola Secretly Altered Her Prom Dress: 'The Girls Are Fully on Display'. Kelly Ripa reflects on the moment she first saw her daughter's dazzling emerald gown with the revealing V-neck. Kelly Ripa's daughter Lola Consuelos took full creative control of her prom dress, leaving her parents a little surprised by the finished product. For her senior prom, the 18-year-old worked with a tailor to design a custom emerald gown, featuring a V-neck and high leg slit. But Ripa revealed that her daughter secretly made some last-minute alterations to the dress without telling her or husband Mark. "That's prom," Ripa told host Jerry O'Connell on the premiere episode of the Jerry O Show as a photo of her and her daughter at prom flashed on a screen. "That's the prom dress that we had made and she had altered behind our back." Consuelos' dress was designed by NYC-based tailor Raza Wijdan and styled by her mother's stylist Audrey Slater. "So that's why the girls are fully on display," Ripa quipped. "Everybody came down the stairs together. And I just mean Lola." But Ripa didn't forget to compliment her daughter as well. "She's a smart girl. She's a nice girl." The talk show host also disclosed how long it took for her daughter to send an "approved" prom picture for Ripa to post on Instagram. "Took me 20 hours to get that photo. I was like, 'Please just give mommy one. Just one photo!'" O'Connell went on to talk about the many pieces of parenting advice Ripa has given him, including when to give his 10-year-old daughters cell phones. The Jerry O' Show airs weekdays in syndication (check local listings). (People)

Director Vincent Peone Finds He's the Only Passenger on Delta Plane and Chronicles His Solo Flight. The ground crew loaded several sandbags to the aircraft to add weight due to the lack of people. Have you ever wondered what it's like to fly private but without the luxury travel price tag? Director Vincent Peone stumbled upon this rare opportunity when he was the only customer on his flight from Aspen, Colorado, to Salt Lake City, Utah last week. In a video shared on Twitter Monday, Peone hilariously chronicles his experience. The clip opens with the gate agent making a boarding announcement, calling for the "only passenger" to come forward. "We're about to board our flight to Salt Lake City from the gate. Will the only passenger on this flight kindly board at this time," the agent says. Peone pretends to make a mad dash to make his flight and is escorted by a ground crew member to the plane. As he boards the plane, Peone pans the camera to show crew members loading a plethora of sandbags onto the aircraft so that it meets the weight required to fly. "We're just adding weight to the plane because there are no people," Peone says. Although the director was the only passenger, the flight attendant did not break protocol and still welcomes him aboard via intercom and announces the flight safety instructions. "Good evening Vincent and welcome aboard. We are looking forward to taking care of you today. If you need any assistance getting settled we're delighted to serve you," the flight attendant says in the video. She also tells him to remain in his "assigned seat" for an on-time departure. Right before takeoff, Peone greets the two pilots, who excitedly tell him, "It's your own private jet." As for how Peone ended up on the solo flight -- he explained to the Washington Post that the "flight was actually rescheduled, which I think I had everything to do with." "I'm Diamond Medallion [status], so Delta was very good to me. I had called them and got some information about what was available. Coming back [to the airport] at 7 p.m. meant I would have gotten to see more of Aspen, because it was a short trip anyway, so I took the later option," he told the publication. When he arrived at the airport, he had no idea he was the only passenger. "At the desk, they were like, 'I don't know if we even need to make the announcement, because it's just you.' I was like, 'Oh, no. Do the announcement.' Obviously, everyone really enjoyed playing along," he explained to the Washington Post. Delta has since responded to Peone's video on Twitter writing, "Hi Vincent! That looks like an awesome experience! Thank you for the shoutout, and we truly appreciate you for choosing Delta! Take care." Peone, who is one of the founding members of CollegeHumor's original content department, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. (People)

Mama June's abandoned all of her responsibilities as a mother by choosing to stay with her BF, Geno Doak ... instead of raising Honey Boo Boo. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the family recently extended an olive branch to Mama June. They told her she can finally get her youngest daughter back, but with 2 big strings attached: dump Geno AND seek professional help. We're told June said hell no to both. As we first reported ... she looked worse for wear during a lunch outing with Geno, Monday in Hampton, GA. They both looked disheveled, and June still hadn't fixed her shattered veneers. You'll recall, Geno drove his truck into the home he and June share a couple months ago, and was so wasted he couldn't walk. Prior to that ... June's family staged an intervention that failed and left Alana in tears. Our sources say the family believes June's appearance Monday shows how desperate the situation is, but her refusal to get help -- along with Geno's presence -- is why Alana continues to live with her sister, Pumpkin. We're told Alana's in a stable place now, despite her recent antics on social media ... when she pretended to snort cocaine. The family even took a recent trip -- sans June, of course -- to L.A. for vacay, and while they want their matriarch back, they want her to get help first. (TMZ)


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