One of the most vital pieces of a woman's wardrobe is her purse. And what's inside your bag provides a wealth of clues about her:

Colorful clutch
Bright-eyed and energetic, you bustle through life with a charming effervescence that draws others to your circle in droves. You overcome most of life's pitfalls with a cheerful grace, and you easily pump up the spirits of family and friends who are feeling blue.

You're a go-getter who wouldn't be caught dead without your designer duds. Sure your bag may be costly, but you're a self-confident sort who knows you deserve only the best. Your belief in your own abilities makes you a natural-born leader, and others trust your judgement in important situations.

You're an unpretentious woman who's physically fit and ready for whatever life brings. You're never more alive than when you're enjoying outdoor activities that challenge your endurance, but your loved ones are also vital to your happiness. Wherever you go, your family unit will always be included.

There's a cornucopia of items in your bag -- from over-the-counter drugs to a complete makeup kit. You're a practical woman who's prepared for any contingency, and your mother hen approach is just fine with your family and friends who thrive on your nurturing warmth.

Shoulder bag
You have your eye on the man chance, and you believe that hard work coupled with burning ambition will carry you to the top. People admire your drive because you get ahead with out hurting others. You're also a witty conversationalist who is a welcome addition to any gathering.


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