The latest James Bond movie finally has a name. The 25th entry in the action spy series will be named "No Time to Die."
Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will again reenter "The Matrix," starring in a third sequel to the 1999 science fiction film that's expected to begin production next year reports CNN.
Larry King has filed for divorce from his seventh wife, Shawn, after 22 years of marriage.
And the war heats up: Apple has committed to spending more than $6 billion on original content for its upcoming streaming-video service.
Rupaul's "Drag Race" has been renewed for its 12th season.
Remember Nathan Patterson? He was the guy videotaped throwing a baseball in the 90s at a speed-throwing booth at a Colorado Rockies. Well, the Oakland A's signed him to a minor league contract and last Thursday night, he took the mound -- striking out all three of the players he faced.
Eric and Lara Trump welcomed their second child into the world this week. That would be the president's 10th grandchild.
Neil Young says he's got a new album on the way, "COLORADO", this October.
Country singer Drake White had to be rushed to the hospital after almost collapsing on stage.
President Trump says that French wines could be facing a "100% tariff" because of their taxes on tech firms.
An Alaska man discovered a message in a bottle sent by someone in the Russian Navy 50 years ago.
Harvey Mudd College is ranked the most expensive in the U.S. at $75,000 a year.
A surgeon says human heart transplants from pigs will be possible in three years.
Just so you know, mushroom coffee is trending.
A French couple was arrested trying to steal 90 pounds of sand from a Sardinian beach.
President Obama's #23 high school basketball jersey sold at auction for $120,000.
Some Major League old-timers are saying the modern version of the game is "unwatchable."
Marianne Williamson says she will remove the Oval Office portrait of Andrew Jackson if she is elected President.
And the plot thickens-Jeffrey Epstein signed a new will just two days before he was found dead in his jail cell.
Emma Watson and Tom Felton have known each other since childhood, growing up together on the Harry Potter sets. But now there seems to be more there. Yes, it appears they have coupled.
Even though her team has been eliminated from the Little League World Series, Maddy Freking is still the talk of the tournament. She's only the 19th girl to play in the series in its 72-year history and the sixth girl to ever pitch in the series.
So, a guy at a Wisconsin hotel noticed some bed bugs on his mattress. Instead of complaining to management, he decided to try and get rid of himself... using a cigarette. A mattress fire ensued.


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