Checking out a guy's pet pooch can help dating women separate the pure-bred partners from the real dogs, says an expert on people and their pets. Wendy Diamond, founder of Animal Fair magazine, researched her findings on dates with 120 men who as a group owned 32 popular breeds. Here's a sampling of Diamond's insights from her new book "What A Lucky Dog! Understanding Men Through Their Dogs."

The Mutt
This down-to-earth Renaissance man is the ideal mate. Be prepared to give the scattered, insecure puppy a lot of TLC, but he's worth it.

These guys tend to be handsome heartbreakers. They also love gardens.

These fellows may not be the most attractive of the pack, but the wags can always make you laugh with a great sense of humor. Still they can be moody, immature and lacking in table manners.

Shih Tzu
These Zen-like guys love romantic dinners.

With a protective nature, this man is happiest with a house full of family. But they can be bossy and a bit suspicious.

Supremely confident, this guy is fearless and charming, and used to getting away with murder.

German Shepherd
These males perk up their ears at a complex problem, mystery or important mission. They're also very loyal.

Be ready to discuss wine, art and culture, but don't commit if you want more than one child.

Labrador Retriever
This energetic, active and social breed makes a great father, if you can handle a real guy's guy who loves sports and the outdoors, and gets into mischief when bored.

Witty and playful, if you can get past their dignified pose.


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