Have you ever been taken advantage of by an auto mechanic? Don't worry you're not the first. And so it doesn't ever happen again, here are five things your auto mechanic won't tell you (from AAA):
  1. Always request an estimate.
  2. Your work order should also clearly state a guarantee on the work. If not, ask the shop what type of guarantee is provided on both workmanship and parts.
  3. If the mechanic is replacing something on your vehicle, ask for your old parts back.
  4. You should always study your bill for doubled labor charges. If you're getting a new water pump and you replace the timing belt at the same time, there's no additional labor to do the timing belt just the additional cost of the parts.
  5. Don't replace your tires until you do your own tread test. Do a simple penny test. Find the wear bar on the tire and insert the penny in the tread. The less you see of Lincoln's head the better the tread.


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