According to Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at Hertfordshire University in Great Britain, we subconsciously associate names with those of the rich and famous. To test his theory, he asked 7,000 male and female volunteers to imagine they were about to meet a group of people. They were then given a list of 20 male and 20 female names and asked to identify those they thought were the most successful, the most attractive and the luckiest. Women were far more judgmental in how they assessed others based on their name.

Top 10 names that make one sound successful: Elizabeth, Caroline, Helen, Olivia, Amanda, Karen, Sarah, Rachel, Ann and Laura James, Richard, Michael, William, Andrew, Mark, Robert, David, John and George.
Top 10 names that make one sound attractive: Sophie, Rachel, Olivia, Karen, Katie, Sarah, Grace, Emily, Amanda and Heather Ryan, James, Jack, Chris, Michael, Lewis, Andrew, Mark, David and Ian.
Top 10 names that make one sound lucky: Lucy, Katie, Lisa, Sophie, Emma, Julie, Emily, Heather, Rachel and Grace Jack, Chris, Ryan, Peter, James, Stephen, Michael, Lewis, David and Ian.
Names that make one sound unsuccessful: Ryan and Brian for men and Lucy and Lisa for women.
Names that make one sound unlucky: Thomas and John for men and Elizabeth and Helen for women.
Names that make one sound unattractive: Thomas and George for men and Jane and Ann for women.


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