• According to USA Today, about 24 percent of us are so impatient, we read the last page of a book first.
  • In a recent survey, people were asked what was the number one thing people remember arguing with their siblings about? The answer: who gets to ride shotgun.
  • The most common blood type is O positive. 80% of the population has a positive blood type, which means just about anyone can receive a transfusion from someone with O positive blood.
  • According to a recent scientific study, if you cook toast for more than 216 seconds, it's over done.
  • 30% of car owners say they have no idea how to re-fill the windshield wiper fluid in their car.
  • The profession of attorneys has the most people who have had plastic surgery.
  • According to a woman's magazine, one of 13 ways to reduce stress is to rub your ear lobes.
  • The average married man sees a chick flick about 4.2 times a year and isn't too happy about it.
  • 80% of women agree, if a guy is good at doing this, they automatically find him attractive. What is it? He dresses himself.


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