• The most common food particle that gets stuck in people's teeth are poppy seeds.
  • A man will typically reduce his walking pace by 7% when he's with his wife.
  • A recent survey revealed that nearly one in five married couples goes without kissing for as long as one week at a time.
  • In a recent survey, 50 percent said they worry about bullying at their kid's school a lot. 7 percent said not much and 43 percent said somewhat.
  • Studies have shown that preschoolers had higher intelligence and better study skills if they were given music education.
  • According to recent survey, 52% of women don't like getting their picture taken because they don't like their smile.
  • When Disneyland opened in July, 1955 the temperature was 110 degrees, hot enough to melt the asphalt on Main Street and caused many high-heeled shoes to become stuck in the pavement.
  • 38% of Americans do this within an hour of going to bed. What is it? Text someone goodnight message.


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