Ladies, next time he starts giving you grief over your obsession with losing weight, throw these stats in his face:

Number of men trying to lose weight right now: 1 in 2
Where besides his gut the average guy would rather carry his weight: his legs
Number of men who actually call their guy a "a spare tire": 1 in 7
Times per week the average guy checks his guy in the bathroom mirror: 5
Times per week he steps on the scale: 1
Pounds the average overweight guy wants to drop: 23.4
Weight he'll lose on the typical diet: 1.5 pounds per week
Top three situations that cause him to go on a crash diet: 1) Trip to the beach, 2) Class reunion, 3) his wedding
Average number of diets he's tried: 2
Diet he claims to have had the most success with: Atkins
Still, the percentage of men who think carbohydrates are nutritional scapegoats used to sell bogus diet books: 71
Percentage of men who actually count calories: 17
Number who've tried Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers: 1 in 16
How long the average guys sticks to his diet: 1 month
Type of food that will trip him up: Fast Food


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