Family Circle magazine surveyed 2500 adults asking them how they felt about family values.
  • Should a couple stay together for the children? 51% of the men said absolutely. 35% of the women said yes.
  • What age should your children move out? 55% said once an adult child can afford to move out they should. 18% said their children can stay until they are 25. 14% said they should move out when they get married.
  • 90% said they believe children should be allowed to pray in school. 76% believe it should be against the law to burn the American flag.
  • 67% believed in fertility drugs are good because they help people have babies. 18% said fertility drugs are unnatural and should be outlawed.
  • 78% said there should be a law banning the use of cell phones while driving.
  • 94% believe that having metal detectors in schools is a good idea. 76% believe random drug testing should be allowed in high schools.
  • 83% believe that spanking is an acceptable form of discipline.
  • 36% said "living together" is never acceptable. 27% said cohabitation is fine, while 30% said it was up to the couple and it was not anyone else's business.


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