(Cosmopolitan) To be honest, it's gonna hurt. It's hard to say exactly how much, since no two people react to the needle in the same spot the same way but here's a scale:

Outer arm
Pain level low. Like get scratched by a house cat. Because there's more fat and muscle in this area. It won't be as bad as other parts of your body. Is it worth it? Yes, go for it.

Wrist or ankle
Pain level high. Joint areas are un-fun places to get tatted since they're mostly bone. Grab something to squeeze like a stress ball. Is it worth it? Yes, it'll hurt but the end result is cool.

Pain level very high. Like getting a deep paper cut over and over. The skin on the ribs, is super thin and sensitive, so if you decide on this spot prepare for it to hurt. Is it worth it? It's painful, but how cute are rib tattoos?

Behind the ear
Pain level awful. This area basically has no body fat, so you're going to feel the needle jabbing at your bone repeatedly. Is it worth it? Rarely. Pass.

And just so you know; drinking before inking can cause heavy bleeding and can mess with the quality of your tat.


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