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Childish Gambino's Headlining Set Drew Outside Lands' Biggest Crowd Yet. Childish Gambino could barely contain the news: shortly before he took the stage for his headlining set at Outside Lands on Saturday night (Aug. 10), he was informed that his performance marked an important milestone for the festival -- and he blurted that into a microphone as soon as he could. "I just found out that this is the biggest crowd they've ever had at Outside Lands!" he exclaimed mere minutes after making his entrance. That was easy to believe considering how packed the polo field was in Golden Gate Park, but the show was a special one for Donald Glover beyond the massive crowd: he's nearing the end of his This Is America tour, which he intends to be his last, and he left everything on the Land's End stage (and a bit on the field as well). After climbing up to the platform on the light rig in the center of the field at the top of the show, he sprinted into a set list that covered it all ample Because the Internet material, fan favorites off Awaken, My Love! (namely set closer "Redbone"), smash singles ("This Is America,"), works in progress that hushed the audience in moments of contemplation or got them dancing. At one point, he had his band vamp so he could get closer to the thousands who'd stuck it out through a dreary afternoon to secure a spot as close to the stage as possible. "If this is the biggest crowd, I gotta get a better look!" he declared in the midst of "World Star" before grabbing the phones of a few hysterical audience members and posing for selfies. Newish track "Human Sacrifice," which has been regularly worked into his set list, received the most celebratory treatment, complete with lasers, a field-wide dance party and Glover's best moves. Achievements aside, this festival was a special one for Glover on a personal note: he was was elated to return to the Bay Area, which he dubbed his "second home" before singing Oakland's -- and Oakland native Ryan Coogler in particular -- praises. "Telegraph Ave. is a real ass song!" he said before sharing a moving anecdote about the Black Panther director. "When I lost my dad, [Ryan] Coogler was the first person who hit me," he said. "I feel like everybody here kind of understands -- the Bay makes you understand how close and how separated we all are, how you can just go over a bridge and everything changes and we're all just people. I like to do these shows because I get to see the future right in front of me." He then dedicated "Riot" to the city, and worked himself into a frenzy that had him dancing until he was out of breath and collapsed on the stage at the end of the song. To consider this as one of the final Childish Gambino performances is a bummer, frankly, as Glover is on top of his game: Outside Lands was an exceptional showing for the distinguished triple-threat, and those expecting to see him play his final shows at Austin City Limits Festival in October should prepare for one spell-binding show. And hey: maybe this one will break another festival record, too. (Billboard)

Mystikal took a terrible fall during a concert Thursday night in Tampa ... it was so bad his concert got cut short by more than half and he couldn't walk off the stage without a major assist. The rapper ran onstage at around 1 AM and within 30 seconds just at it ... he tumbled offstage to the floor below. Security helped him back up, but he was clearly injured and in pain. He spent the next 45 minutes grimacing in pain as he sat on the edge of the stage ... unable to stand. At times he scooted a few feet, but that was it. A concertgoer tells us, it was obvious to all something was seriously wrong, as Mystikal repeatedly said, "Man, I need an ambulance." He finally pulled the plug as members of his crew helped him offstage without putting weight on the injured leg. It's unclear if he went to the hospital. As for what caused the fall, the eyewitness tells us a drink fell before he got onstage and it splashed all over the stage. (TMZ)

The Beatles to release Abby Road 50th anniversary edition with previously unreleased demos. You're gonna carry that weight... of the three-LP 50th anniversary edition of Abbey Road. (Those 180-gram reissues are hefty!) In honor of the classic Beatles album's 50th anniversary, the band will release a special edition featuring a new mix by producer Giles Martin (son of the album's original producer and longtime Beatles collaborator George Martin) along with 23 session recordings and demos, most of which have never been previously released. There will be several packages available: A three-CD Super Deluxe edition, which also includes a Blu-ray Disc (with mixes in Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround) and digital audio version of the album, a Deluxe vinyl box set with all the tracks from the Super Deluxe on three LPs, a deluxe two-CD edition, and one-disc editions featuring only the new mix. "The Beatles recording journey had gone through many twists and turns, learning curves and thrilling rides," Paul McCartney writes in a foreword for the new edition. "Here we were -- still wondering at the magic of it all." Abbey Road was the final album the Beatles recorded together, though Let It Be was released later. This new edition follows similar 50th anniversary reissues of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Beatles (a.k.a. "The White Album") in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The new sets will be released Sept. 26, the anniversary of the album's 1969 release date. (Entertainment Weekly)

Damian Lillard isn't forgetting about his day job in the NBA, because championships are still his focus ... but says he'd definitely be stoked to win a Grammy for his 3rd album. Dame just dropped his 3rd album, "Big D.O.L.L.A." and the early reviews are good ... so good that some people are saying the NBA star has a shot at rap superstardom. So, when we talked to Dame we had to know how far he wants to take this rap thing ... and if he cares about the accolades that come along with it .... like a Grammy. "I don't care about it maybe to the level I care about being the MVP or winning a championship." So, there you have it Trail Blazers fans ... you can breathe, Dame isn't going anywhere. He did point out though, that he thinks he has a chance to do something no other hooper has, and that intrigues him. "I care about in the sense that how many NBA All-Stars or max contract players can say, 'I legitimately won a Grammy.'" None that we can see ... but if we're being real, none have been as good as Dame. The man's gotten props from some huge names in hip-hop, and is widely regarded as the best pure rapper the league has ever produced. Question is now ... how does he get to the Grammys? "I think it all comes down to the support. I know how big play listing, and being able to get on those playlists is. I've gotten the support from my peers. I know they're listening and really respecting it." (TMZ)

Aaron Carter will take a pic with you, but only if the price is right, according to someone who went to his show. Aaron was at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis Friday, when he performed as part of the Pop 2000 Tour. According to the fan, Aaron went into the crowd and was standing next to a group when he said, "You're in my crew." the fan says she responded, "I want to be in your crew." She says Aaron fired back, "It will be $300 for a meet-and-greet." The fan tells TMZ, Aaron said, "I'll make it $250, but she said she had no money. She claims Aaron said, "How about $50 for a picture." She reiterated she had no money, and Aaron said, "I'll do one for free." The fan said she felt bad, claiming he clearly needed the money. She says Aaron responded, "I don't need it. I have an $80,000 watch on." She says he then walked away and that's where the video picks up. You hear the fan sing, "I want it that way," and Aaron fires back, "I don't want you at all." Aaron then smiles and winks at the tipster. Aaron had performed with a number of artists, including Tyler Hilton, Ryan Cabrera and O-Town. Lance Bass hosted and sang "Bye Bye Bye" with O-Town to close out the show. Aaron's had a rough week. A family member called authorities Wednesday, claiming Aaron was suicidal and doing drugs. Cops came to do a welfare check and determined he was okay. (TMZ)


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