My thoughts on all these mass shootings...

We have a serious problem in this country and it can all be traced back to family values. I grew up in a time where you didn’t disrespect your elders and if you did you’d have to deal with a serious ass beating from your parents. Children today call the cops if you try to enforce any kind of discipline and they grow-up without any kind of respect for authority.  God use to be an important part of our society instilling morals and virtues. That isn’t the case any longer. Liberals educate our youth and we see what their corruption has done. This constant attack on our nation’s greatness breeds socialist followers and destroys patriotism.  The liberal elites have corrupted generations to get complete political power. Tearing down statues re-writing history books all in attempt to brainwash our young. Calling the President of the United States a racist, the Police and other Law Enforcement scum and dehumanizing anyone who disagrees is appalling. My friends what I see is a repeat of history, the fall of The Roman Empire. We are going to lose this Great Country if we let the corruption and lack of morality continue. We need to raise our voices loud and not tolerate Liberal Democrats promoting violence and not having the media calling them out on it! It’s extremely sad that the youths of today have no respect for life. But, I’m not at all surprised because they were taught by liberals who believe in abortions at birth. Members of congress who degrade and promote violence against Americans who disagree with them have no place in our government. I for one will never give up my firearms. I will not submit to the UnAmerican Agenda of these Liberal Extremist! I will not be a victim of the lunatics they helped to create.  We need conceal carry in every state so our god giving rights are not infringed on and we need to insure teachers are fair and balanced to teach our young. I am an American Patriot who served my country for 20 years and I know in my heart that my fellow Americans will do the right thing to eliminate this cancer in our society. In God I Trust!


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