National Potato Month

Here, from health experts, are tips on how to be the best couch potato you can be:

Invest in premium channels
Shelling out a few extra bucks a month for Netflix and Prime is well worth the investment. Experts say the more entertainment choices you have, the better.

Avoid "challenging" shows
Sunday morning news programs are less effective in beating stress because you're bombarded with bad news and exposed to politicians whose lies make your blood boil. Tuning into wrestling, golf, NASCAR races or reruns of "Charlie's Angels" will do a far better job of shutting down your brain.

Use the "50/50" rule
Make sure you devote sufficient time to tube watching every day. "Waste half of your free time, just enjoy lazing around."

Watch what you like
A man who forces himself to watch a silly sitcom instead of ESPN because that's what his wife prefers could end up with as many stress-induced health woes as one who visits the gym daily.

The best solution is an extra TV
So both of you can watch what you want, one expert noted. "That's better than fighting over the remote, which is also stressful."

Keep snacks on hand
The fewer times you have to climb out of your easy chair, the more relaxed you'll become.

Let the call go to voicemail
For the same reason never interrupt your TV watching to get the phone -- let your voicemail pick it up.


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