NATO’s extensive pool of subject matter experts tell you what you need to know about a wide variety of defense and security issues around the world

and what NATO is doing to make you safer and more secure. From fighting terrorism, to collective defense, learn about the security issues that matter directly from the experts. NATO Strategic Direction - South, or NATO Hub for the South, opened in 2017 and is designed to enhance cooperation among organizations tackling the security complexities beyond NATO’s borders. At the Hub, NATO actively communicates and collaborates with the United Nations, the Red Cross and other organizations in areas affecting NATO’s southern flank. The Hub, under the roof and lead of Allied Joint Force Command Naples, focuses on a variety of current and potential issues to include destabilization, terrorism, radicalization, migration and environmental concerns. A role of the new centre is also to coordinate and work alongside agencies outside of the NATO and national military structures as they concentrate on southern regions, including the Middle East, North Africa, Sahel, sub-Saharan Africa and adjacent areas, waters and airspace.     



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