Stop being a curmudgeon. Get up from your desk at lunchtime and take a real break. And the best way to make sure you do this is to eat with a colleague. Oh, you don't have time? Yes, you do. You don't have to go out. Brown bagging it in the office is just fine -- and healthier. The point is to take the break. If you still insist you don't have the time, take two minutes now to find out five reasons why you should make the time.

Five reasons you shouldn't eat lunch alone, according to VirginPulse:

1. Stay on track with your nutrition.
It's easier to avoid junk food when you invite someone to join you for a nutritious lunch. In all likelihood, one of your colleagues is trying to stay healthy, too. Support each other!

2. Skip the sugar.
A candy bar might give you a brief burst of energy, but you risk fatigue an hour later. Have a healthy lunch that includes protein, vegetables and whole grains, and you'll be alert and energetic all afternoon.

3. Get away from your screen.
Posting on social media sites may seem like a break from work, but you'll be better off putting down the phone or tablet and stepping away from the computer. Rest your eyes and your brain for a bit, and when you return to work you'll be ready to go.

4. Enjoy your friends.
When you've had a difficult morning, the chance to commiserate will keep you sane for the rest of the afternoon. And when you've had a great morning, what better way to celebrate your successes than with your work friends?

5. Improve your social network.
Extend a lunch invitation to someone you don't know very well. You'll enjoy getting to know your colleague, and you'll gain a resource for work collaboration. You might even make a new friend!

The more social interaction you have at work, the happier you're likely to be at your job. So grab a colleague and head to lunch. You'll be setting yourself up for a happier, more productive afternoon.


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